Try your hand at homemade gifts for all occasions

Making your own presents is both enjoyable and thrifty. Your recipient will be delighted to receive a special hand-crafted gift that is quirky and personal. It is not long until Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and there are a number of gifts that you might want to make, or you could start planning for your homemade christmas gifts! Here are some festive suggestions for treating … Continue reading Try your hand at homemade gifts for all occasions

Tips for cutting cheese

Tips for cutting cheese

Did you know that the shape of the cheese determines how it should be cut? If you have not taken this detail into account, it is likely that you have ended up spoiling its original shape. We share some tricks with you. Put them into practice!

Today, we have a wide variety of tricks for cutting cheese. Although it seems like a simple and unscientific task, you really have to know how to do it correctly so as not to spoil it. Each type of cheese requires different handling, according to its shape and properties. Do you want to know how to cut it? Continue reading “Tips for cutting cheese”

cooking tips for beginners

7 cooking tips for beginners you will love

If you are an unconditional fan of cooking and you are getting started in the subtle art of preparing rich recipes, there are some things you should keep in mind, because they will certainly make your life easier. So if you want to take ease in the kitchen, today we reveal some secrets to become authentic masters of this art. Keep reading and you will discover the best cooking tips for beginners should keep in mind, do not miss them! Continue reading “7 cooking tips for beginners you will love”

How You can have a Sustainable Fashion Sense

Fashion is a forever changing trend, and for top clothing stores around the world, keeping up with that fashion demand is a full-time job; clothes usually come in, go into the sale, and then eventually new clothing is introduced. According to ‘Wrap’, £140 million pounds worth of clothing goes to UK landfills each year, which to many is shocking. When you are looking for your … Continue reading How You can have a Sustainable Fashion Sense