The Criminal Mastermind with a CAT!

Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the fictional, criminal character that appears in a series of James Bond films, written by author Ian Fleming. The crazy, genius, mastermind who has aspirations to take over the World and gain total domination and power over every Country.¬† First appearing in Thunderball he was the archenemy of James Bond, a Secret Service Agent working for the British Government.¬† Blofeld, infamous for … Continue reading The Criminal Mastermind with a CAT!

Contemporary rooms

Contemporary rooms: 7 essential decorating tips

The living room is one of the most important spaces in the home since it is where we enjoy the company of our family and friends when receiving them at home. It must be a modern, cozy and comfortable place, capable of reflecting our personality and style. Fortunately, we can achieve this through decoration. Today we share some contemporary rooms decorating tips.

Let’s see some practical tips to decorate a contemporary room in an easy and creative way, and best of all, without spending too much. Continue reading “Contemporary rooms: 7 essential decorating tips”