Interior Design Secrets

Top 10 Interior Design Secrets

Top 10 Interior Design Secrets. Have a cozy home with modern surroundings and it’s easier than you think. If you love the decoration, you can not miss the top 10 secrets of interior designers! To do this, just be aware of the tips of experts. How about learning some tricks? If you liked the idea, then continue reading this article and unravel the mystery. Continue reading “Top 10 Interior Design Secrets”

healthy life

Advice for a long and healthy life

Advice for a long and healthy life. Almost seventeen million people in Italy are over 60 years old and, of these, four million have exceeded 80: a vast array of citizens who have longer and longer life prospects, according to Eurostat data. Yet the “recipe” to keep healthy even in old age is there, and how! The World Health Organization has given clear indications on its latest. And a most recent report on World Reporting on Aging and Health.¬†Starting early to have good habits and to follow healthy lifestyles helps to look out for the elderly with a solid health patrimony, which is then maintained by planning constant physical activity, cultivating social relationships. And adopting a healthy diet, with very reduced amounts of animal protein. , refined foods and sugars. Continue reading “Advice for a long and healthy life”

beach in Italy

Where to go to the beach in Italy this summer?

Where to go to the beach in Italy this summer? The Italian coasts, including islands, reach 7,500 kilometers in length. It is therefore evident that for the lovers of the sea there is the embarrassment of the choice. Here then some advice on where to spend the next beach holidays. Following the perimeter of the coast from west to east and looking for the most beautiful, clean and possibly … less crowded sea. From Liguria to the Marches, we suggest dream locations and some addresses that we particularly like. Are you ready to pack your swimsuit, beach towel and tanning cream? Continue reading “Where to go to the beach in Italy this summer?”

enjoy summer

Cheap and tempting destinations to enjoy summer

While we count the weeks for the arrival of summer – there are only five for enjoy summer! – and we look at the sky begging so that, once and for all, sweaters and boots give way to shirts and shorts, we feel that time is short. The holidays are just around the corner. And at this point, there are many who, assaulted by doubts, have not yet decided where to travel. Continue reading “Cheap and tempting destinations to enjoy summer”

good for health

7 best foods that good for health in 2018

7 foods good for health. And if the contents of our plate became our best health ally? For the last ten years, all doctors have agreed on the key role of diet in preventing and fighting diseases, from excess cholesterol to hypertension and cancer. Some foods have earned a good therapeutic reputation. Is it justified or usurped? The point with Laurent Chevallier (1), nutritionist and practitioner at the University Hospital of Montpellier, Serge Rafal (2), doctor, a specialist in alternative medicine, and Paule Latino-Martel, director of research at INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research ) and coordinator of the National Cancer Research Nutrition Network. Continue reading “7 best foods that good for health in 2018”

best destinations

The 10 best destinations for summer holidays 2018

The 10 best destinations for summer holidays 2018. If you still do not know where to go this summer. We have made a useful guide to the best destinations for the perfect holiday. If you want to combine sea, mountains, good food. And beautiful cities, we recommend Abruzzo: according to CNN it is the hottest region to visit this year and we do not dare to believe it. At this link, we have selected the most beautiful beaches to reach. Among the most interesting destinations, always for those who stay in Italy, there is Syracuse, one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Sicily. If you are traveling with children, here you will find the best beaches to go to the beach with the little ones. Continue reading “The 10 best destinations for summer holidays 2018”