Office Design needs Outside of the Box thinking

When it comes to office design, space can be a huge factor, as can expense. For start-up companies this can be a major problem, but even for well-established entities it can cause problems, as expansion is inevitable and planning for growth in a set number of square metres doesn’t always make for an easy task. Image Credit A little bit of creativity can go a … Continue reading Office Design needs Outside of the Box thinking

Hardwood flooring is durable, affordable alternatives

A real wood floor can bring a timeless elegance and beauty to your room, but it can also be very expensive. Today, there are more affordable options that are pleasing to the eye and the pocket. Image Credit New technologies are enabling many companies to create quality products that look uniquely like real wood. Wood effect Wood-look vinyl planks are available in loads of colours … Continue reading Hardwood flooring is durable, affordable alternatives

Rebozo: What it is and how to use it?

The Rebozo is a baby carrier that is increasingly revalued and appreciated. Here we explains what it is, how it is made and how it is used.

The babywearing is a clear revaluation and an increasing appreciation. However, still too often mothers and fathers let themselves be intimidated by the idea of a support to bring children that are not already ready for use, perhaps giving up a priori the unparalleled emotion of bringing their child into the band! Continue reading “Rebozo: What it is and how to use it?”

Playing Rugby has benefits

Rugby has a reputation for having more than its fair share of injuries. As with all contact sports, there will always be risks associated with playing team sports, but the health benefits outweigh these risks. Image Credit Physical Any physical activity is good for the heart, lungs and general fitness and wellbeing, but rugby in particular requires several physical strengths which, when combined, create a … Continue reading Playing Rugby has benefits

Each Home Should Have a Chandelier

Think a light fixture like a chandelier is unreasonably indulgent for your stylistic theme? It’s time to think again. These stunning light installations have been present in homes for a long time however they never go out of style. They were constantly an image of luxury and wealth, where well off families would move them from room to room, so they could enjoy them all … Continue reading Each Home Should Have a Chandelier

Do Brands Still Matter?

Writing for Forbes, Jeff Fromm explored the challenges faced by retailers in an age where brands need to rapidly evolve to succeed. Image Credit Fromm asked three industry experts if brands still matter. Study into Brand Relevance A study into 52 food and beverage categories revealed that, contrary to popular belief, most leading brands keep growing sales and market share. It is mid-tier brands that … Continue reading Do Brands Still Matter?

Mallorca never loses its charm

For decades Mallorca has been one of the top European summer holiday destinations. The biggest of the Balearics offers miles of azure coastlines, stunning nature, adventurous scenery, and golden sands deliciously soft underfoot. Even after all this time, Mallorca still comes up trumps during the summer, blessing its visitors with all kinds of treasures. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit this beautiful Spanish island. Continue reading “Mallorca never loses its charm”

Tips for Rugby League Beginners

If you are new to rugby league, don’t be subdued by the toughness and speed of the game. There are many ways you can protect yourself and have fun in games. Here are some tips for beginners: Wear protection When you are ready to play the full contact game, make sure that you always use the various protective equipment available. You can choose from lightweight … Continue reading Tips for Rugby League Beginners