spectacular floor designs

7 spectacular floor designs for your room

Some spectacular floor designs for your room. In floors, the choice is difficult due to the variety of materials, designs, and forms of maintenance. To make the right decision there are certain parameters. However, the main thing is to take into account. That the floor is adapted to the needs of both use and style. These seven types of apartments are part of the latest trends for the bedroom. Continue reading “7 spectacular floor designs for your room”

tips to decorate

5 tips to decorate your house for the first time

Tips to decorate your house for the first time.It is very difficult when you face your totally empty house, without furniture, without anything. A thousand doubts arise: What style? How do I choose the colors? Why do room I start? All together? Little by little?For those who already have their house ready, do not stop reading it because it is always good to know a tip that allows us to make our house more and more comfortable and beautiful. Continue reading “5 tips to decorate your house for the first time”


5 Facts about Magento Website Development

In the opinion of most respected and experienced web developers, there is no e-commerce platform that can surpass Magento in terms of function, creativity and overall quality of the end and on-going result. Anyone interested in using Magenta to create their own site or searching for professional Magento developers to do so on his or her behalf, should definitely research the topic and gain an understanding of just what the platform can offer. Here are five of the most crucial facts concerning Magenta, which should help to give you an overview of what it is and why is it one of the best choices out there.
Continue reading “5 Facts about Magento Website Development”

10 tips for successfully designing logos for brands

Visual communication plays a key role in branding. And the face of visual communication marks is the logo. Is this the welcoming consumers to the brand, the intermediary that brings together the company and client? For this reason, the process of creating the logo of a brand is so important. It must be unique, reflecting the values of the brand and at the same time be credible for the customer. To achieve maximum efficiency in the design of corporate logos, we recommend the following 10 tips: Continue reading “10 tips for successfully designing logos for brands”


Gold Color: Much more than a color

You know that we’ve finished the psychology of color! but I do not put sad that we always find an excuse to continue talking about the color. Moreover, as I already ahead, there is still gold and silver, and that is the issue today!

Perhaps they are not colors that we think when we are asked for our favorite color, we work harder to see them as a color per see, but are becoming increasingly present in the day. Continue reading “Gold Color: Much more than a color”


Flat Design vs Material Design – Similarities and Differences

If until recently only heard very little talk about the flat design, a time now, a new concept that is being imposed with force, the design material. Surely anyone with an Android device knows full well what I’m talking about. With the new update (the 5.0), its design change including this new trend.

While that is a concept “invented” by Google to design the operating system, as happened with the flat design has spread to the overall design and we can see it applied for example on websites, apps, video games … For this We not want to miss the chance to make a little comparison with the flat design, because from my point of view, have much in common and we could not understand the material without the prior existence of flat. Continue reading “Flat Design vs Material Design – Similarities and Differences”

Logo Design

5 Examples of Logos to Inspire Success

It is not the first time we spoke of logos so sure that everyone abundantly clear that this is the presentation of your brand image through which will be easily recognizable.

When we have to design our own, there are many factors we have to consider, such as whether responsive or if it suits the latest trends of the moment.

Typically, its design becomes a turning point in the development of the company we have the best logo in the world and this is done easily recognizable. Continue reading “5 Examples of Logos to Inspire Success”

Web Design

Google Launches ‘Google Web Designer’, a tool for creating ads in HTML5

Google has just released a free application to easily design ads in HTML5 under the name Google Web Designer . For the Mountain View this programming language is undoubtedly his favorite, and this functionality is intended to generalize and facilitate their use by extending even to the less learned in the field. Continue reading “Google Launches ‘Google Web Designer’, a tool for creating ads in HTML5”


A study on creative professionals reveals a decline in the world of creativity

Creative professionals face many difficulties in creating creative and effective campaigns because of the stressful work environment today, as revealed by the results of a survey by Getty Images iStock during Advertising Week 2013 in New York. Almost half of the creative (48%) believe that levels of creativity in the industry have stagnated or declined in the past decade and nearly 23% said that spend less than two hours a day to ‘creative’ work. Continue reading “A study on creative professionals reveals a decline in the world of creativity”