fish for grilling

5 great fish for grilling

A few days ago I returned from the fish market in the neighborhood with several color cards. Each told the story and grace of a particular fish and gave delicious recipes on how to prepare them. Among them, I chose the five great fish for grilling. Here are these five big fish, with their various names-so nobody gets confused-and with recipes to offer friends a great barbecue with a sea flavor. Continue reading “5 great fish for grilling”

best foods for a healthy heart

The 10 best foods for a healthy heart

Americans have a heart 7 years older than their age. So we share the best foods for a healthy heart.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one cause of deaths globally. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans have a heart 7 years older than their age. Therefore it is important to maintain the health of the heart through what we eat. Continue reading “The 10 best foods for a healthy heart”

foods with low carbohydrate

5 foods with low carbohydrate content

Eating healthy does not have to be an impossible challenge if we know how to make the right food choices. If we opt for low-carbohydrate foods we can even lose weight. Here we share some foods with low carbohydrate list.

Today we know that a low-carb diet favors weight loss faster than a low-fat diet. Therefore, it is important that you know low carbohydrate foods to facilitate your creation of a healthy menu. Continue reading “5 foods with low carbohydrate content”

good for health

7 best foods that good for health in 2018

7 foods good for health. And if the contents of our plate became our best health ally? For the last ten years, all doctors have agreed on the key role of diet in preventing and fighting diseases, from excess cholesterol to hypertension and cancer. Some foods have earned a good therapeutic reputation. Is it justified or usurped? The point with Laurent Chevallier (1), nutritionist and practitioner at the University Hospital of Montpellier, Serge Rafal (2), doctor, a specialist in alternative medicine, and Paule Latino-Martel, director of research at INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research ) and coordinator of the National Cancer Research Nutrition Network. Continue reading “7 best foods that good for health in 2018”

collagen foods

5 collagen foods incorporate them into your diet

5 collagen foods incorporate them into your diet. Our body contains collagen, a type of protein found in areas such as muscles, bones, and skin. Externally we can include more collagen in our body thanks to the foods that we incorporate into our diet. Foods rich in collagen are one of the healthiest ways to get a stronger and protected body. In today’s article, we are going to discover what foods are rich in collagen. So that you can include them in your weekly menu. Continue reading “5 collagen foods incorporate them into your diet”

best coffees

The 5 best coffees in Turin

The 5 best coffees in Turin. Perhaps Turin is not synonymous with coffee (the drink) but it is certainly synonymous with coffee (the local). From the second half of the eighteenth century, with the spreading of this exotic taste throughout Europe. And the whole social and convivial way of enjoying it. The capital of Savoy was one of the Italian cities that with more enthusiasm gave itself to the opening of cafes. That they became a meeting place for a cultured and modern bourgeoisie, and that largely survive to this day.  Mulassano, coffee San Carlo, Baratti and Milan, Turin coffee, Platti … a series of names that could go on for a long time. In a continuum that extends from the cafeteria to pastry and high-level gastronomy. Continue reading “The 5 best coffees in Turin”