The Benefits of Taking a STI Test at Home

The benefits of taking an STI test at home, or even in the doctor’s office, are not always fully understood by those who don’t have an experience with these tests. The fact that they have been recommended to people before, and so discreet makes them very popular. It’s also important to point out that these tests aren’t designed to be an alternative to seeking professional … Continue reading The Benefits of Taking a STI Test at Home

tips to help us achieve a healthy life

8 tips to help us achieve a healthy life

Forgetting sedentary life and starting to enjoy all the possibilities it offers us is much easier than it seems. In order to change a series of habits that do not benefit us, you just have to aim for it. If you are willing to change your lifestyle, but still do not know how to start, you can propose to follow these 8 tips that we give you to achieve it. The first step towards healthy living Continue reading “8 tips to help us achieve a healthy life”

digital blood pressure monitors

The best digital blood pressure monitors

When visiting a specialist, he usually measures our blood pressure with an analog blood pressure monitor. To read the tension, pay attention to the sounds heard in the stethoscope and look at the viewfinder with the needle. Although an analog blood pressure monitor can and is more accurate in measurement, its use is not easy since it requires prior knowledge. And so we could say that it is limited to the use of the doctor, who is the one who knows. Today we share digital blood pressure monitors. Continue reading “The best digital blood pressure monitors”

summer rest

Holidays: 10 benefits of summer rest

Rest is a goal of well-being. However, just as a person needs to live his own process of adaptation to change to adapt to the routine of returning to work, this disconnection from the usual commitments can also be gradual. Especially, at a time when the protagonist can be far from his usual scenario from the face-to-face point of view, however, he is close emotionally because of the immediacy offered by technology. What are the benefits of summer rest not only during the summer but during the rest of the calendar? In Wellbeing, your coaching space lists a decalogue on this subject. Continue reading “Holidays: 10 benefits of summer rest”

benefits of physical exercise

7 psychological benefits of physical exercise

With physical exercise increases cerebral blood flow and improves oxygenation, so it improves cognitive activity and delays possible deterioration associated with age. It has psychological benefits of physical exercise.

Most people join the gym or start doing some exercise to improve their physical appearance. But … what if we told you that physical exercise is also good for your mind? Continue reading “7 psychological benefits of physical exercise”

negative effects of social media

6 negative effects of social media on people and their mental health

Social networks are currently the main protagonists of everything that happens in the world. There are positive and 6 negative effects of social media on people and their mental health. A topic is more relevant the more you comment on Twitter, each television program proposes to comment on it through a hashtag, the Instagram posts of famous personalities are news, and even governments make official statements through social networks. They also have their positive points: they allow us to communicate with people we can not see on a daily basis, we get back lost contacts, we meet new people with common interests, and they also encourage us to express our creativity. Continue reading “6 negative effects of social media on people and their mental health”