43,000 retails jobs have been cut after lockdown

The coronavirus has left the retail industry spinning. Facing troubles of getting people back into stores while significant numbers of consumers move to online shopping, many of Britain’s retailers have to make cuts to their workforce in order to survive. Image Credit Unemployment Since the lockdown has ended and restrictions eased across the country, the number of people heading to the high street or shopping … Continue reading 43,000 retails jobs have been cut after lockdown

3 Types of Concealed Carry Holsters

Choosing a concealed carry holster, such as a concealed thigh holster, can be fun but challenging. You want a holster that can be easily hidden, but you should have easy access to your weapon in case you need to draw it. Your holster will determine your comfort and carrying consistency because you are not likely to wear an uncomfortable or easily visible weapon. Continue reading “3 Types of Concealed Carry Holsters”

The durability of hardwood flooring

A real wood floor can bring a timeless elegance and beauty to your room, but it can also be very expensive. Today, there are more affordable options that are pleasing to the eye and the pocket. Image Credit New technologies are enabling many companies to create quality products that look uniquely like real wood. Wood effect Wood-look vinyl planks are available in loads of colours … Continue reading The durability of hardwood flooring

I now pronounce you . . . Welsh and Rugby Union

Despite it being invented by a student at an English Public school one country above all others has taken to the game and made it their own. Rugby in Wales is not so much a sport it is more of a religious experience. This is especially true when you factor in the deeply religious songs that are infused within it when it is played. Land of my Fathers, Bread of heaven and Cwm Rhondda are all perfect for a crowd and you would be hard pushed to find more passionate fans.  The song Hymns and Arias by Max Boyce illustrates the relationship perfectly. Whilst never world cup winner’s Wales are regular quarter or semi-finalists plus they have won the 6 nations in all its permutations second only to England (28 to 26). What is it about the game that enthuses so? Continue reading “I now pronounce you . . . Welsh and Rugby Union”

tips to make a good blog

10 tips to make a good blog

Being a blogger is fashionable, more and more and that is evident in the number of blogs that are circulating on the internet. But it is one thing to have a blog and another very different thing is to have many readers and that these end up becoming clients or prescribers of your brand, your products, or services. This time I bring you 10 tips to make a good blog and win readers and future customers. Continue reading “10 tips to make a good blog”

tips for sorting and selecting digital photos

6 tips for sorting and selecting digital photos

Not sure what to do with your time? And if you took the opportunity to organize your photos and make an album. Not so easy, because you accumulate more and more photos. They represent your memories and sometimes make up for your memory lapses. It is therefore important to classify them well so that you can find them easily later. Follow the guide! Continue reading “6 tips for sorting and selecting digital photos”

things to know about zucchini

5 things to know about zucchini

Zucchini has countless qualities linked to its nutrients, its lack of calories, its taste, and its flowers. It goes well with a large meal, protects the heart, replaces spaghetti, and can even replace butter in a cake recipe. Who says better?

Whether you eat them raw or cooked, salted or sweet, green or yellow, there are plenty of ways to enjoy zucchini. This vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals belongs to the family of summer squash, which is harvested before their skin hardens, unlike pumpkins. Discover five interesting facts about zucchini, which will make you want to eat them even more often! Continue reading “5 things to know about zucchini”

Answer These Three Questions Before Setting Off to Make It Big in Hollywood

There are countless reasons a person might want to make his or her way in show business. From entertaining the public to sharing important stories, some prospective entertainers are in it for the audiences. Others, however, have their eyes on fame and fortune. Whatever might be motivating you to take this potentially treacherous career journey, your answers to the following questions will help illuminate the … Continue reading Answer These Three Questions Before Setting Off to Make It Big in Hollywood