Glorious Gloucestershire Places to Enjoy a Walk this Winter

Heading out into the countryside is one of the best ways to get our minds and bodies feeling good at any time of the year. In the winter, you will see the beautiful frosty ground, spiders’ webs tinged with dew and the maybe even some snowfall to silence the land. Gloucestershire has some beautiful places to enjoy a country walk – keep warm and snug … Continue reading Glorious Gloucestershire Places to Enjoy a Walk this Winter

Places to see near Las Vegas

6 Places to see near Las Vegas

The «Capital of the Game» is one of the most fun cities on the planet. Where you will find a lot of places to visit and many things to do. However, if you visit it with enough time you will surely want to take an excursion outside the city. In this post, I tell you which are the most important places to see near Las Vegas, some of which I advise you not to miss under any circumstances. Continue reading “6 Places to see near Las Vegas”

Mallorca never loses its charm

For decades Mallorca has been one of the top European summer holiday destinations. The biggest of the Balearics offers miles of azure coastlines, stunning nature, adventurous scenery, and golden sands deliciously soft underfoot. Even after all this time, Mallorca still comes up trumps during the summer, blessing its visitors with all kinds of treasures. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit this beautiful Spanish island. Continue reading “Mallorca never loses its charm”

Cheap travel Destinations

Cheap Travel: Top 10 Cheap travel Destinations

Choosing cheap travel destinations is often the solution to travel more and satisfy your desire to discover the world. But must we make compromises? You will see that we can very well cohabit a small budget with a dream destination. For that, it is enough to opt for a place without rhinestones or glitter and yet with all the comfort and the wonder that brings a beautiful trip. You also need to have flair and find cheap destinations where the hordes of tourists do not yet flow.
Continue reading “Cheap Travel: Top 10 Cheap travel Destinations”

Want a Mini Moon? We'll tell you what it is!

Want a Mini Moon? We’ll tell you what it is!

Want a Mini Moon? We’ll tell you what it is! All newlyweds dream of a romantic honeymoon of relaxation. And the discovery of new places, but if you have a limited budget. Or you do not have time, do not panic! The Mini Moon is the one for you. Forget about wedding invitations. And all wedding preparations, including the choice of wedding dress and focus on how to organize your honeymoon! Continue reading “Want a Mini Moon? We’ll tell you what it is!”

train rides to relax

5 train rides to relax away from the ‘turisteo’ of Barcelona

5 train rides to relax away from the ‘turisteo’ of Barcelona. Between the streets petadas de guiris and the hyper populated beaches, it’s time to leave Barcelona if you want to enjoy the summer. In August Barcelona is impassable: the center is invaded by Guiris and the beaches have so many Nordic that it seems like a Viking landing. Many of us want to give ourselves a break from the overcrowding and go as far as possible, but either we do not have holidays or we do not have a car to make a weekend getaway. Luckily, it is enough to get on a train ride to discover some small Catalan paradises that are proof of tourists. Continue reading “5 train rides to relax away from the ‘turisteo’ of Barcelona”

beach in Italy

Where to go to the beach in Italy this summer?

Where to go to the beach in Italy this summer? The Italian coasts, including islands, reach 7,500 kilometers in length. It is therefore evident that for the lovers of the sea there is the embarrassment of the choice. Here then some advice on where to spend the next beach holidays. Following the perimeter of the coast from west to east and looking for the most beautiful, clean and possibly … less crowded sea. From Liguria to the Marches, we suggest dream locations and some addresses that we particularly like. Are you ready to pack your swimsuit, beach towel and tanning cream? Continue reading “Where to go to the beach in Italy this summer?”

enjoy summer

Cheap and tempting destinations to enjoy summer

While we count the weeks for the arrival of summer – there are only five for enjoy summer! – and we look at the sky begging so that, once and for all, sweaters and boots give way to shirts and shorts, we feel that time is short. The holidays are just around the corner. And at this point, there are many who, assaulted by doubts, have not yet decided where to travel. Continue reading “Cheap and tempting destinations to enjoy summer”

best destinations

The 10 best destinations for summer holidays 2018

The 10 best destinations for summer holidays 2018. If you still do not know where to go this summer. We have made a useful guide to the best destinations for the perfect holiday. If you want to combine sea, mountains, good food. And beautiful cities, we recommend Abruzzo: according to CNN it is the hottest region to visit this year and we do not dare to believe it. At this link, we have selected the most beautiful beaches to reach. Among the most interesting destinations, always for those who stay in Italy, there is Syracuse, one of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Sicily. If you are traveling with children, here you will find the best beaches to go to the beach with the little ones. Continue reading “The 10 best destinations for summer holidays 2018”



The 10 most beautiful and big beaches in the world. Brazil, Australia, and Bangladesh: when greatness rhymes with beauty. Take the plane, we do not infuriate the stewardess, and prepare to bask in the sun on a white sand in front of a blue lagoon, maybe a record beach that in addition to being heartbreaking has also a Guinness extension of the records. A coastline formed by the maxi that smells of freedom, which means feeling small in front of the strength and immensity of nature in the best possible way, walking along the shore. So it happens that some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are also the largest. Whether you’re looking for a locus amoenus away from it all and all or a tropical resort, this is a travel lesson that you just can not miss. Continue reading “THE 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL AND BIG BEACHES IN THE WORLD”