Has Leicester’s Got Talent?

Leicester has been in the headlines a lot recently for the football club’s astonishing success in the Premier League. Whilst also well known for such famous faces as David and Richard Attenborough and Gary Lineker – there are quite a few other celebrities that have links to Leicester that you might not realise. Here we will take a look at some other big names who were born in the city or have spent time living there. Continue reading “Has Leicester’s Got Talent?”

Rugby Union and the Welsh, a perfect match.

Despite it being invented by a student at an English Public school one country above all others has taken to the game and made it their own. Rugby in Wales is not so much a sport it is more of a religious experience. This is especially true when you factor in the deeply religious songs that are infused within it when it is played. Land of my Fathers, Bread of heaven and Cwm Rhondda are all perfect for a crowd and you would be hard pushed to find more passionate fans.  The song Hymns and Arias by Max Boyce illustrates the relationship perfectly. Whilst never world cup winner’s Wales are regular quarter or semi-finalists plus they have won the 6 nations in all its permutations second only to England (28 to 26). What is it about the game that enthuses so? Continue reading “Rugby Union and the Welsh, a perfect match.”

Did you know these Guinness beer facts?

1 The Guinness Book of World Records was inspired by a pub argument

Guinness beer is linked to the eponymous world records. The idea for the book first came about in 1951, when Dublin’s Guinness brewery MD, Sir Hugh Beaver, had a dispute in a pub about the UK’s fastest game bird. The notion of a handy reference book covering ‘superlatives’ and fascinating facts began there and then. The Guinness Book of World Records was first published four years later in 1955. Continue reading “Did you know these Guinness beer facts?”

The most expensive environmental disasters

Although the Exxon Valdez oil disaster was a human error incident that occurred when an oil tanker spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil into Alaska’s Prince William Sound, it had disastrous effects on the earth. It happened on March 24, 1989 and was one of the worst oil spillages in America’s history, having a detrimental impact upon marine life. Continue reading “The most expensive environmental disasters”

Carrie Underwood Net worth Sticky Post

Carrie Underwood Net worth, Husband, Divorce, Baby and Family life

In the event that you need to recount the narrative of Carrie Underwood from your point of view. You ought to disregard the vibrations that encompass her as of late discharged hymnic tune: The Champion, and her video that was picked to open the NBC Super Bowl LII. Today we share about Carrie Underwood net worth, husband, divorce, baby and family life. Continue reading “Carrie Underwood Net worth, Husband, Divorce, Baby and Family life”

Where to Find Famous Tensile Structures

The phrase tensile structure might not mean much to you, but you’re probably aware of a number of structures that are created from tensile fabrics without even realising it. Here we look at a few of the most famous tensile fabric structures across the world and see why this is such a beneficial way of creating a covered space.  For more information on how long it takes to build these kind of structures you could visit links like spatialstructures.com/building-systems-explained who have experts and trained staff in this field. Continue reading “Where to Find Famous Tensile Structures”

Moving To The Cloud Can Save Half The IT Costs

Much of the discussion of cloud adoption centres on its benefits in the private sector, where organisations which are motivated by profit need to be convinced that by embracing this emerging form of IT solution they can increase margins and exploit new revenue streams. Image Credit This could leave non profit firms feeling marginalised, since the debate rarely swings towards the ways in which significant … Continue reading Moving To The Cloud Can Save Half The IT Costs

ride needs fixing

My ride needs fixing

So you’ve pranged your beloved vehicle and it’s off to the body shop for some repairs. Ever wonder what an auto body repairer does? They turn our bumps into beauty again so that we can be on our way with a shiny, smooth car body. A technician will repair, restore, replace and refinish car bodies, windscreens, frames and glass. They will patch up your old faithful and get her motoring again. Continue reading “My ride needs fixing”

A beginner’s guide to vehicle conspicuity markings

In 2011, Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual (Traffic Safety Measures & Signs for Road Works & Temporary Situations) was issued by the Department for Transport (DfT). Along with a number of other guidelines, it provides information on the types of conspicuity marking required for vehicles that stop on highways for work purposes. Image Credit Legislation has since made it compulsory that all new … Continue reading A beginner’s guide to vehicle conspicuity markings

Be aware and drive with care

Rather disturbingly, a third of owners of brand new cars will have damaged it within the first 2 months. Whether through carelessness, being unfamiliar with controls or having a car much more powerful than their last one, the bill for repairs comes to £402 million nationally. Cars are packed with more technology than ever before, meaning more temptation to become distracted. This is another reason why you should visit a MOT Gloucester centre such as swift fit uk each year to ensure your car is road legal. Mobile phone use by drivers is still causing major problems despite being illegal and today’s cars seem to be getting bigger, while parking spaces are shrinking so bumps while manoeuvering are very commonplace. Continue reading “Be aware and drive with care”