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5 collagen foods incorporate them into your diet

5 collagen foods incorporate them into your diet. Our body contains collagen, a type of protein found in areas such as muscles, bones, and skin. Externally we can include more collagen in our body thanks to the foods that we incorporate into our diet. Foods rich in collagen are one of the healthiest ways to get a stronger and protected body. In today’s article, we are going to discover what foods are rich in collagen. So that you can include them in your weekly menu. Continue reading “5 collagen foods incorporate them into your diet”

best coffees

The 5 best coffees in Turin

The 5 best coffees in Turin. Perhaps Turin is not synonymous with coffee (the drink) but it is certainly synonymous with coffee (the local). From the second half of the eighteenth century, with the spreading of this exotic taste throughout Europe. And the whole social and convivial way of enjoying it. The capital of Savoy was one of the Italian cities that with more enthusiasm gave itself to the opening of cafes. That they became a meeting place for a cultured and modern bourgeoisie, and that largely survive to this day.  Mulassano, coffee San Carlo, Baratti and Milan, Turin coffee, Platti … a series of names that could go on for a long time. In a continuum that extends from the cafeteria to pastry and high-level gastronomy. Continue reading “The 5 best coffees in Turin”



The 10 most beautiful and big beaches in the world. Brazil, Australia, and Bangladesh: when greatness rhymes with beauty. Take the plane, we do not infuriate the stewardess, and prepare to bask in the sun on a white sand in front of a blue lagoon, maybe a record beach that in addition to being heartbreaking has also a Guinness extension of the records. A coastline formed by the maxi that smells of freedom, which means feeling small in front of the strength and immensity of nature in the best possible way, walking along the shore. So it happens that some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are also the largest. Whether you’re looking for a locus amoenus away from it all and all or a tropical resort, this is a travel lesson that you just can not miss. Continue reading “THE 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL AND BIG BEACHES IN THE WORLD”

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7 spectacular floor designs for your room

Some spectacular floor designs for your room. In floors, the choice is difficult due to the variety of materials, designs, and forms of maintenance. To make the right decision there are certain parameters. However, the main thing is to take into account. That the floor is adapted to the needs of both use and style. These seven types of apartments are part of the latest trends for the bedroom. Continue reading “7 spectacular floor designs for your room”

Best healthy foods

Best healthy foods that can not miss in 2018

Eat healthy the foods that can not miss in 2018. Eating healthy in 2018 means, first of all. Putting aside junk food in favor of tasty and natural food. Able to reinforce the body’s immune defenses and to prevent many of the risk factors related to metabolic or chronic diseases. They also help physical recovery, for example, in those who have chosen for the new year to renounce the smoking habit. Food and condiments can prove to be precious allies for those who want to keep fit and cleanse their bodies after the excesses. And “deviations of the path” typical of the Christmas holidays. Here are some useful tips on the best foods to better face 2018. Continue reading “Best healthy foods that can not miss in 2018”

How to Fit Showers in Awkward Spaces

There is no doubt that some bathrooms are easier to fit out than others, but even the smallest space can become functional and stylish. Fortunately, fitting a shower in an awkward space, for example, has never been simpler thanks to a range of innovative and inspirational design ideas. Image Credit Assess the Space When thinking about installing a shower in a tricky area, first assess … Continue reading How to Fit Showers in Awkward Spaces

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5 tips to decorate your house for the first time

Tips to decorate your house for the first time.It is very difficult when you face your totally empty house, without furniture, without anything. A thousand doubts arise: What style? How do I choose the colors? Why do room I start? All together? Little by little?For those who already have their house ready, do not stop reading it because it is always good to know a tip that allows us to make our house more and more comfortable and beautiful. Continue reading “5 tips to decorate your house for the first time”

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Windows and Doors

Maintaining and regularly cleaning your doors and windows is essential if you want to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs and patch-ups at a later date. Below we share a number of tricks to keep yours at tip-top condition all year round. Image Credit Wood Frames These frames need more maintenance than other forms of frame, so it’s important to inspect them on a regular basis. … Continue reading Top Tips for Maintaining Your Windows and Doors

Why you might need an emergency plumber

Usually the signs that you need an emergency plumber will be quite obvious and messy! However, there might be occasions when you’re not sure what constitutes an emergency or not. Here are some indications that you’ll need the services of a plumber sooner rather than later: Slow Drain One of the first signs that something’s not right will be a drain that’s slow to empty. … Continue reading Why you might need an emergency plumber