Riding on the Rodeo Bull takes practice.

One of the most exhilarating experience you can have is to ride on a Rodeo Bull. Well, let’s be a little bit more specific about that we are not talking about a real Rodeo Bull as that would be the height of utter madness to get on a proper bull at the Rodeo. We don’t have many, if any Rodeo’s in this country and if we did the most you could probably expect to face is a slightly maddened Heifer lolloping across a field. It is quite unusual to expect people to pay to see that if your honest. No, we don’t have proper Rodeo’s here, but they do in the United States of America where they are very common. Even so they don’t let you just turn up at the Rodeo and allow you to jump on the first bull that you come across.

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There is a very good reason for the that. Unlike the grumpy heifer that we mentioned earlier the bulls in a real USA style Rodeo are quite different beasts. They are without doubt some of the wildest ones that you could ever wish to meet. Not that you would wish to meet them as they are truly wild. Climb on board one of them, there is no saddle don’t forget, and the only thing that the now panicking Cowboys can do at this point when faced with a crazy British person who has taken it upon themselves to jump on a wild bull is to open the gates to the pen and let it and you out onto the arena. The bull then decides to do the only thing that seems natural to it. It is understandable really. Its been corralled all day and now it not has a massive amount of space to run around in. The only real issue facing it at this point is a stupid human being that is on its back trying to ride it like a common horse. So, the bull decides that it is going to chuck the human off it and it does this by violently rocking back and forth plus leaping up and down. Falling off the bull is really not advised as the only thing to break you fall is the sand of the Rodeo arena.

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Fear not there is a answer to the problem and you don’t even need to go to Texas to find one. You could instead get a nice mechanical one from a Rodeo Bull Manufacturer like the ones at http://www.gsrodeobulls.com/and at least practice first plus the have a big padded mat for you to fall on. Much safer and sensible and the Cowboys will fear a lot more relaxed.

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