Six tips that will help to improve the composition of your photos landscape

Landscape photography is very grateful. Just a relatively small team and, yes, a good dose of creativity and passion, to get really great results. In fact, unlike what happens in other types of photography, we can take snapshots with a very decent quality without having a broad baggage.

As explained in other posts, a careful composition can make the difference between a correctly exposed photograph, but the pile, and exceptional instant. This quality is important in any kind of photography, but when we want to capture the beauty of a landscape the weight of the composition reaches a special dimension. This is what has encouraged us to prepare this post. We hope that the tips that we propose will help you enjoy more landscape photography, and, of course, also get better results. Continue reading “Six tips that will help to improve the composition of your photos landscape”


15 Tricks composition to achieve stunning portraits

Who does not love the portrait and who, with a camera in hand, has done hundreds or thousands of them, Am I wrong? And those hundreds or thousands how you have convinced, how many have you thought, “We have here a large portrait-tiny photo-this is mine” Let’s be honest, if we remove those where we moved the model (that is your daughter or your son, as objectively perfect), those that are exotic for us we went to Botswana travel, or a few daring attempts Street-photography which at first seemed like “the most” but anyway, ahem … Continue reading “15 Tricks composition to achieve stunning portraits”