Autumn decor to hang around your home

Autumn decor to hang around your home for a sweet transition to winter

After the freshness of spring and the heat of summer, here is autumn! A season a little between the two whose assets are numerous. Basically, a period that deserves to be properly welcomed! In this context, the editorial staff of has taken you a number of ways to tame and learn how to appreciate the season in question. Given the fact that during these last months, we lived a lot outdoors to make the most of the long summer days, the coming months are an invitation to spend more time at home. So, nothing like an autumn decor to suspend to feel good at home and to make a sweet transition to the winter season! DIY garlands made entirely of natural materials, chic and rustic crowns for the door, Halloween party … our record is full of inspirations! So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading “Autumn decor to hang around your home for a sweet transition to winter”


Combination of two colors as applying gradients in design

There are many cases where we talk about color scheme, although we have usually done to treat them as colors that appear even in combination, appear so lonely.

Perhaps the need for a logo or a website. We have a main color, we have studied psychology and perfectly know what we want to convey and now only need help from the color wheel to know what colors combine to enhance these characteristics.

However, as we have approved this note, today we will go one step further and talk about the color, but in a case where we do not take one main, but two equally important to bring about a gradient. Continue reading “Combination of two colors as applying gradients in design”


Gold Color: Much more than a color

You know that we’ve finished the psychology of color! but I do not put sad that we always find an excuse to continue talking about the color. Moreover, as I already ahead, there is still gold and silver, and that is the issue today!

Perhaps they are not colors that we think when we are asked for our favorite color, we work harder to see them as a color per see, but are becoming increasingly present in the day. Continue reading “Gold Color: Much more than a color”