fish for grilling

5 great fish for grilling

A few days ago I returned from the fish market in the neighborhood with several color cards. Each told the story and grace of a particular fish and gave delicious recipes on how to prepare them. Among them, I chose the five great fish for grilling. Here are these five big fish, with their various names-so nobody gets confused-and with recipes to offer friends a great barbecue with a sea flavor. Continue reading “5 great fish for grilling”

best foods for a healthy heart

The 10 best foods for a healthy heart

Americans have a heart 7 years older than their age. So we share the best foods for a healthy heart.

According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is the number one cause of deaths globally. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans have a heart 7 years older than their age. Therefore it is important to maintain the health of the heart through what we eat. Continue reading “The 10 best foods for a healthy heart”

foods with low carbohydrate

5 foods with low carbohydrate content

Eating healthy does not have to be an impossible challenge if we know how to make the right food choices. If we opt for low-carbohydrate foods we can even lose weight. Here we share some foods with low carbohydrate list.

Today we know that a low-carb diet favors weight loss faster than a low-fat diet. Therefore, it is important that you know low carbohydrate foods to facilitate your creation of a healthy menu. Continue reading “5 foods with low carbohydrate content”

smarter than hunger

14 tricks to be smarter than hunger in 2018

Discover how to remove hunger for much longer. It’s overeating because of boredom!

There is no way! Losing weight can sometimes seem like an impossible mission. And losing weight is not easy, and it’s not always due to lack of will. Among other conditions, the brain puts traps to make us fall into temptation and eat more. But calm, you can achieve it. For this, you do not have to go hungry or follow draconian diets. It is enough that you give your body what it needs and, above all, that you are “smarter than hunger” and it is you who tricks your brain. How? With the 14 tricks to remove the hunger that we propose. Continue reading “14 tricks to be smarter than hunger in 2018”

Burn Butt Fat

7 Exercises To Burn Butt Fat and Leave It Harder

The 7 Butt Fat Burning Exercises can be done in the comfort of your home as they are very simple to make. In addition, Butt Fat is often the nightmare of many women. Have you heard of “banana”? We are talking about that fat under the butt, difficult to eliminate. But nothing that a good deal of discipline, with regular exercise and proper nutrition do not solve. Continue reading “7 Exercises To Burn Butt Fat and Leave It Harder”