Want a Mini Moon? We'll tell you what it is!

Want a Mini Moon? We’ll tell you what it is!

Want a Mini Moon? We’ll tell you what it is! All newlyweds dream of a romantic honeymoon of relaxation. And the discovery of new places, but if you have a limited budget. Or you do not have time, do not panic! The Mini Moon is the one for you. Forget about wedding invitations. And all wedding preparations, including the choice of wedding dress and focus on how to organize your honeymoon!

What is the Mini Moon?Want a Mini Moon? We'll tell you what it is!

If you did not know, in recent years more. And more couples decide to opt for a Mini Moon instead of making the traditional honeymoon. What is it? As you can already guess from the name, the Mini Moon is a reduced honeymoon that, unlike the classic one, is concentrated in a weekend. Or, at most, in a week, in order to decrease not only the time but also the costs. The best choice for honeymooners who decide to make a mini-honeymoon is to stay on vacation spots adjacent to their place of residence. So as to save on expenses and time spent on travel to be invested, however, in the together.

Why opt for the Mini Moon?Want a Mini Moon? We'll tell you what it is!

The tendency to this type of travel has been born in recent years, especially during the crisis period, with the aim of satisfying the desire of those couples who wanted to make the first trip to be married with the sweet half while not having a large budget. However, you could be driven by other reasons for the realization of a Mini Moon. In fact, it may happen that for work reasons you have to postpone the actual honeymoon or the country you have chosen for your honeymoon cannot be visited during the marriage period. And, therefore, also in this case you decide to postpone the trip.

Some Italian destinations possible …Want a Mini Moon? We'll tell you what it is!

The goals to make a mini-honeymoon are varied. But if you want to take into account the proximity factor, you can safely stay in the borders of the Belpaese. You can, in fact, spend a weekend in a romantic city like Venice. Or Rome or in the summer you can focus on Puglia, Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia or Amalfi Coast. Otherwise, you could think of a romantic getaway in a farmhouse surrounded by greenery. Or after having passed all the prenuptial period between semi-embraced wedding hairstyles that surely you have tried. And tried again, the search for cheap wedding dresses and so on, indulge yourself some day of simple relaxation at the spa, pampered with gestures and phrases of love

And even some proposals abroad!Want a Mini Moon? We'll tell you what it is!

Another possibility for your mini-honeymoon is to visit European cities that have a romantic charm. Paris, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona are just some of the best destinations for a hit-and-run honeymoon. Or if you are planning to stay away not just a weekend, but a week, why not choose an unusual destination like Iceland?

Its magical and picturesque landscape will capture you thanks to the panorama offered by the Northern Lights, the sighting of the Whales at Husavik. And the splendid Blue Lagoon, an artificial basin with one of the most beautiful thermal pools in the world. Other holiday destinations can be the enchanting Morocco, Turkey with the marvelous Instabul that will surely inspire romantic phrases. Or, again, the Canary Islands with their perfect microclimate throughout the year.

So, even if you have a limited budget or it is not the right time to leave, you can still enjoy a mini-honeymoon without renouncing the beauty of the places to visit. And the uniqueness of the experience to be experienced. After all a trip you deserve it after organizing your wedding … and then start! And bring with you the still fresh memories. And the most beautiful wedding phrases that have conquered you!