What are the best foods to take care of the kidney. The kidneys are a fundamental organ for the correct maintenance of the organism? Its main function is to prevent diseases by eliminating waste through urine. These substances are generated mainly by the intake of food and beverages, so that nutrition plays a basic role in the health of our kidneys.

Blood pressure and blood sugar are two factors that are related to kidney diseases. So you have to pay special attention to the advice we give you and the foods you must take to improve the health of your kidneys.

Basic tips to take care of your kidneysWHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO TAKE CARE OF THE KIDNEY

Do not abuse the consumption of proteins. The decomposition of proteins generates toxins and waste in the blood, which the kidney must clean. One of them is urea, which takes longer to eliminate and can negatively affect the operation. Proteins are a basic nutrient that you should eat daily, but be especially careful if you take supplementation and take a high-protein diet.
Limit salt intake. Passing with salt makes the kidneys more difficult to eliminate excess sodium and that causes thirst, fluid retention, and increased tension. It is better than you flavor your dishes with spices.
Keep a good cholesterol level. To enjoy good health in the kidneys, it is necessary to keep cholesterol levels at bay. Control your diet, avoid ultra-processed products and bet on healthy fats (nuts, avocado, olive oil …).
Hydrate yourself correctly. Water should be your favorite drink forever, not just for when you’re thirsty. Avoid the consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, in addition to reducing the intake of juices.

Foods that strengthen the health of the kidneyWHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO TAKE CARE OF THE KIDNEY

Following established guidelines, a balanced and varied diet (like the Mediterranean one) contains all the indicated foods to enjoy good health in general. Every day you should consume fresh fruits and vegetables.

For example, blueberries have beneficial effects on the bladder, so it favors renal detoxification. In addition to strengthening the kidneys, it reduces the risk of infections and prevents the development of bacteria. With strawberries, something similar happens. They contain a large number of antioxidants, which prevent the oxidative damage of the cells and prevent inflammation of the kidneys.
The pineapple is also one of the most recommended foods thanks to its diuretic power. In addition, it has a high percentage of vitamin C and potassium. We said earlier how important hydration is through water, watermelon full meets this objective. It is composed of 93% water, has good antioxidant content and provides interesting micronutrients (magnesium and potassium).WHAT ARE THE BEST FOODS TO TAKE CARE OF THE KIDNEY

The whole grains are a great source of fiber which helps eliminate toxins and waste. By improving fluid retention, the kidneys will improve their detoxification function. Beet, celery, and onion are also foods that improve kidney health, thanks to its diuretic, antioxidant, and micronutrient intake.