The 10 most beautiful and big beaches in the world. Brazil, Australia, and Bangladesh: when greatness rhymes with beauty. Take the plane, we do not infuriate the stewardess, and prepare to bask in the sun on a white sand in front of a blue lagoon, maybe a record beach that in addition to being heartbreaking has also a Guinness extension of the records. A coastline formed by the maxi that smells of freedom, which means feeling small in front of the strength and immensity of nature in the best possible way, walking along the shore. So it happens that some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are also the largest. Whether you’re looking for a locus amoenus away from it all and all or a tropical resort, this is a travel lesson that you just can not miss.

1. Praia do Cassino, Brazil (241 km)BIG BEACHES

The largest beach in the world is Carioca and is called Praia do Cassino. Located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, it measures 241 km in length and has an average width of 2 km. The beach connects the pier west of the city of Rio Grande to Chuy, right on the border with Uruguay. An impressive dimension that made it rightfully enter the Guinness Book of Records. It is one of the big beach in the world.

2.Ninety Mile Beach, Australia (145 km)BIG BEACHES

Ninety Mile Beach, located in the Gippsland region, along with the southeastern coast of the state of Victoria (about 260 kilometers from Melbourne), is a boundless beach among the longest in the world. This beach is one of the most natural and unspoiled in the world, ideal for activities such as fishing, swimming, and walking, but also the sighting of whales and dolphins. Sun, sand and flowing national parks make Ninety Mile Beach the perfect holiday location. It is one of the big beaches in the world. Continue Reading- 5 Delicious and hardy Autumn dishes

3.Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (121 km)BIG BEACHES

Cox’s Bazar is a city, a fishing port, and also a spa, in the extreme southeast of Bangladesh, near Chittagong. The city is famous above all for its beach, among the longest in the world, which starts near the mouth of the Bakkhali river up to Teknaf. It extends for 120 km and remains the main tourist attraction of the country. The beach is a destination especially for Bangladeshis, but the presence of foreign tourists is increasingly noticeable. The main beach is located in front of the city of Cox’s Bazar and is called Laboni. It is one of the big beaches in the world.

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4.Father Island National Seashore, Texas – United States ( 113 km)BIG BEACHES

Everything is bigger in Texas and even the beaches are too big. Padre Island National Seashore is one of the largest coastlines on the globe. And stretches over 113 km along the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the big beaches in the world.

5.Playa Novillero – Mexico (90 km)BIG BEACHES

You can not fail to fall in love with the natural beauty, the incredible wildlife and the relaxing atmosphere of Playa Novillero. Among the most suggestive and wide beaches of Mexico that stretches along the Pacific coast of Nayarit. It is one of the big beaches in the world.

6.Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand (89 km)BIG BEACHES

Not to be confused with its neighbor (and the namesake) Australian sister, Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand is long “only” 89 km. A favorite destination for lovers of postcard (selfie-proof) sunsets and surfing. It is one of the big beaches in the world.

7.Virginia Beach, Virginia – United States (56 km)BIG BEACHES

The United States is home to three of the world’s largest beaches and Virginia Beach is the absolute favorite. Where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Virginia Beach’s vibrant coastal town is home to a thriving local culinary scene, rich history, a variety of art and entertainment, and family attractions. It is one of the big beaches in the world.

8.Long Beach, United States (43 km)BIG BEACHES

On the north-west coast of the United States. Long Beach in the state of Washington claims to be the longest beach in the world. Although this is not really true, we are willing to give (partial) credit to the enthusiasm of the inhabitants on its uniqueness (it is one of the most interesting sites for whale watching). It is one of the big beaches in the world.

9.Muizenberg, South Africa (40 km)BIG BEACHES

This big beach is particularly recommended for surfing and is famous for its row of brightly painted Victorian beach cabins. The beach slopes gently towards the sea. Whose waters are generally safer than those of other coastal towns on the peninsula. Not to be missed are the unmissable wildlife (including penguins).

10.Stockton Beach, Australia (32 km)BIG BEACHES

It is no secret that Australia is home to some of the best beaches in the world. But Stockton Beach has the double honor of being one of the biggest. About two hours north of Sydney. This beach is the perfect place to get away from it all. And is a corner of land that is well worth visiting. You May Like This-



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