The unmistakable style of Alvaro Tapia

I present to Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo, Graphic Designer Chile, dedicated to illustration since 2011. In his work combines traditional techniques with digital processes to give their images of this so overwhelming force. He has collaborated with media such as The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Wired, Rolling Stone, The New Republic, Harper’s Bazaar Forbes among others. That’s nothing, and is that seeing his work, it … Continue reading The unmistakable style of Alvaro Tapia

How do you organise your fridge?

How do you organise your fridge?

If you find that a lot of the food in your fridge tends to spoil before you use it or that flavours have an unfortunate tendency to migrate from one item to another, it could be time to rethink the way you organise your fridge. The way you organise your fridge can impact on both the quality and the lifespan of your groceries in a number of important ways. Continue reading “How do you organise your fridge?”


Six tips that will help to improve the composition of your photos landscape

Landscape photography is very grateful. Just a relatively small team and, yes, a good dose of creativity and passion, to get really great results. In fact, unlike what happens in other types of photography, we can take snapshots with a very decent quality without having a broad baggage.

As explained in other posts, a careful composition can make the difference between a correctly exposed photograph, but the pile, and exceptional instant. This quality is important in any kind of photography, but when we want to capture the beauty of a landscape the weight of the composition reaches a special dimension. This is what has encouraged us to prepare this post. We hope that the tips that we propose will help you enjoy more landscape photography, and, of course, also get better results. Continue reading “Six tips that will help to improve the composition of your photos landscape”


Five tips that any beginner should learn to take good pictures

Photography is one of those hobbies that when you dive right into it, it becomes a passion. The only thing that can prevent an amateur novel make the most of this experience from the first time he gets behind the wheel of your digital camera is not achieve the expected results.

Taking good photographs is not difficult. Recreate masterpieces it is, in fact, like any other form of artistic expression, the real masterpieces are only available to a handful of photographers equipped with something that makes them special. Fortunately, well executed take snapshots is available to anyone if we present several tips that every photographer must “record us to fire our DNA”. Continue reading “Five tips that any beginner should learn to take good pictures”


11 Tips for Making Better Pictures that I always work

A while ago I was going over the pictures I took on my last trip. I must admit that I am somewhat irregular taking pictures, and whenever I ask myself why I come to the same conclusion, sometimes do not pay all the attention they should and do not the pictures “with love”. When I look what I’ve done I realize the times when I did the photos, the failures that I made in each of them, and above all, the reasons why, in my opinion, some of the photos I do that they are clearly better than others pictures of me. So, I wanted to reflect in this article about some tips that work for me and that will surely work to make better photos when you go out with your camera the next time. If you have two minutes I’ll tell you what they are. Continue reading “11 Tips for Making Better Pictures that I always work”


15 Tricks composition to achieve stunning portraits

Who does not love the portrait and who, with a camera in hand, has done hundreds or thousands of them, Am I wrong? And those hundreds or thousands how you have convinced, how many have you thought, “We have here a large portrait-tiny photo-this is mine” Let’s be honest, if we remove those where we moved the model (that is your daughter or your son, as objectively perfect), those that are exotic for us we went to Botswana travel, or a few daring attempts Street-photography which at first seemed like “the most” but anyway, ahem … Continue reading “15 Tricks composition to achieve stunning portraits”


Combination of two colors as applying gradients in design

There are many cases where we talk about color scheme, although we have usually done to treat them as colors that appear even in combination, appear so lonely.

Perhaps the need for a logo or a website. We have a main color, we have studied psychology and perfectly know what we want to convey and now only need help from the color wheel to know what colors combine to enhance these characteristics.

However, as we have approved this note, today we will go one step further and talk about the color, but in a case where we do not take one main, but two equally important to bring about a gradient. Continue reading “Combination of two colors as applying gradients in design”


Gold Color: Much more than a color

You know that we’ve finished the psychology of color! but I do not put sad that we always find an excuse to continue talking about the color. Moreover, as I already ahead, there is still gold and silver, and that is the issue today!

Perhaps they are not colors that we think when we are asked for our favorite color, we work harder to see them as a color per see, but are becoming increasingly present in the day. Continue reading “Gold Color: Much more than a color”