5 golden rules to sort your wardrobe

5 golden rules to sort your wardrobe

Do you want to forget about the mess once and for all? Keep reading.

Imagine the closet of your dreams, where every garment is in place and you do not have to fight to find a free hanger.The good news? You can get it, and besides making life easier, you will forget the morning stress when choosing the outfit (and you can spend more time in bed !).

1.Put clothes on sight

5 golden rules to sort your wardrobe
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How many times have you discovered a sweater you did not remember or bought? Unfortunately, our clothes are often in drawers and closets too tight, and so it is impossible to find anything. The solution? Get rid of garments you never wear and your clothes will be accessible again.

We know it is difficult, but following these ideas will be easier. For example, just keep clothes that are essential and get rid of the one that is complicated to put on, like that shirt that requires a constant ironing, or that dress that needs underwear that you have never bought. Finally, if you have several identical garments (like the typical white shirts), check them and give them to the ones that are discolored or aged.

2.Beware of sentimental clothing

One of the most frequent excuses not to get rid of clothes is precisely its sentimental value. From the dress, you wore on your first date to that t-shirt you wore at college parties, whatever, now they have become a nuisance in your closet.

Even so, we know that it is understandable that you cling to one or two garments, but why do not you think of giving the rest a better use? For example, we are sure that such a wonderful coat of your grandmother would be better off finding a new life in a thrift store than picking up dust in the closet. Be strong and jump into the challenge!

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3.Create a Vacation Box

5 golden rules to sort your wardrobe
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Honestly, how many days a year can you enjoy the sandals, the dresses of suspenders and the pareo? To occupy part of the wardrobe with these clothes does not make sense.

Instead, use a box and keep all bikinis, bathing suits, hats … Yes, put it well and put it on a high shelf, so that it occupies as little space as possible.


4.Separate clothes for special occasions

As with holiday clothing, garments that we only use on special occasions (such as weddings or celebrations) take up a lot of room in our closet. The best you can do? Store them in acid-free tissue paper and place them in a labeled carton on top of the cabinet or on a high shelf.

5.Protects clothes

5 golden rules to sort your wardrobe
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To keep your clothes perfectly, the first thing you should do is clean the bottom of the cabinet with natural products.

The next step is to add protection against moths. Hanging bags are a good choice for closets, and can be found on Amazon.

You should also avoid the wire hangers that deform the clothes, and opt for thin hangers that do not take up much space (wooden ones are bulkier).

Finally, do not let the clutter get back into your closet. Take conscience and make revision from time to time. Cheer up!


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