spectacular floor designs

7 spectacular floor designs for your room

Some spectacular floor designs for your room. In floors, the choice is difficult due to the variety of materials, designs, and forms of maintenance. To make the right decision there are certain parameters. However, the main thing is to take into account. That the floor is adapted to the needs of both use and style. These seven types of apartments are part of the latest trends for the bedroom.

1.Piedspectacular floor designs

Sometimes the same floor is the main decorative element. And the complete one is the furniture and other objects inside the bedroom. If the floor is of several colors, the room will look original and dynamic, as the image shows, the harmony in the colors is important so as not to saturate the space. This is the best spectacular floor designs for your room.

2.Two materials

There are those who do not decide easily, in that case, it is best to mix materials. And not to recharge the bedroom is enough to combine two of them. The important thing is to know how to choose. For example, as seen in the image, the wood in various shades goes very well with a cover woven with natural fibers.This is the best spectacular floor designs for your room.

3.Natural woodspectacular floor designs

A natural wood floor is the first option for many to be versatile. This material also brings warmth and a homey touch to the bedroom. It is easy to combine with the furniture and decoration of the place. It is ideal for all styles from the rustic charming to the modern. Unfortunately, it is expensive and its maintenance requires attention and perseverance. This is the best spectacular floor designs for your room. Continue Reading- 5 tips to decorate your house for the first time


The resistance of this material is not disputed, however. It should be included in a bedroom with care not to make the environment cold and lifeless. To achieve the opposite effect, the best is a decoration of earth colors, warm lighting, textures on the walls and textiles, wooden furniture and a decorative rug that does not completely cover the floor. This is the best spectacular floor designs for your room.

5.With carpet

This type of floor is classic and very comfortable for a bedroom. But not very suitable for those who suffer from allergies as it accumulates dust. And waste if used it is necessary to vacuum it frequently. And wash it at least three times a year by machine and with a special shampoo.This is the best spectacular floor designs for your room.

6.Smooth and very bright

spectacular floor designs
Corridor interior inside a modern hospital, clean and tidy

The bright floors in the bedroom are excellent because they reflect the light. And this favors the lighting, in the same way. The smooth surfaces evoke order and cleanliness. It is in many colors, adapts to almost all styles and decoration, does not require much care and being in a room with little traffic, its resistance is maximized.This is the best spectacular floor designs for your room.

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7.Imitation stonespectacular floor designs

For the most elegant the floor that imitates the natural stone is perfect. Like wood, this kind of cladding accommodates several styles including classic and minimalist. Being imitation is cheaper and its installation is somewhat simpler, not being exposed to a heavy traffic will last and will be colorful for a long time.  This is the best spectacular floor designs for your room. You May Like  –“http://shahraradecor.com/ideas-decorating-rustic-kitchen/”