Key areas of your car to clean

Keeping your car clean and tidy is not only a thing of pride, but it is important to keep your car roadworthy as well as being a legal requirement in some circumstances. There are key areas of your car that you need to keep clean and maintain to an appropriate level. You can then work with a Cheltenham Alloy Repair company such as to repair any damage to your alloys and a windscreen repair company if you have large cracks in your windscreen.

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Here are some key areas of your car to clean to allow you to check them for damage and other issues that you might need to rectify.

Windscreen – this is probably one of the most obvious ones. A dirty windscreen will be a hazard in terms of your being able to see clearly to drive. You can clean the glass as a part of your regular car wash and it is important you rinse this thoroughly with water to remove any soap spots. It also gives you the opportunity to check the glass for cracks and also to check the wipers for any damage.

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Wheels – you might not think about checking your wheels but you need to make sure that the tread on the tyres are within the legal limit as well as checking that there aren’t any nails that have been caught in the tyre. It also allows you to add more air to the tyres if they have naturally started to decrease.

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