Why is my car shaking

Why is my car shaking? Fix it right now

Many drivers have been baffled by a car that shakes or vibrates at certain speeds. Wheels can shake while the vehicle is idling, when the brakes are applied, during acceleration and while cruising down the highway.

In some cases, this shaking can be annoying and even dangerous if you’re trying to brake on slippery conditions for example. In other cases, the shaking can be harmless and is merely a nuisance.

Why is my car shaking?

Why is my car shaking

There are times where you can lose control of the car because it is shaking so much. This has to do with the tires, your speed and how your vehicle is built.

A car can shake at various speeds depending on many factors. These include:

* if you have tire trouble such as worn-out shock absorbers or poorly aligned tires

* problems with your suspension system, the way the car is built or if you have a load in the trunk.

* how fast you are driving and what road conditions are like.

These are just some of the causes of shaking. However, there are remedies to fix these issues. You can speak with your mechanic or find out if you have any recalls regarding this problem that affect your car model.

You should also remember that most cars come equipped with a suspension system which means they are designed to counter-act any vibrations caused by the road.

Prevent your car from shaking

Driving at a steady speed is what causes most cars to shake. If you decide to drive faster than the recommended speed, the tires will be working harder and it can cause vibrations. There are times where you just need to slow down and allow your vehicle’s suspension system do its job.

What you can do is drive at a moderate speed and avoid driving in rough street conditions. These factors cause the car to shake more than normal so if you encounter them, slow down your vehicle or find an alternative route that avoids these problems.

How can I fix my shaking problem?

If it is a tire or suspension issue: You should take your vehicle to a professional to get looked at. You might need to replace your tires or get your suspension checked for any problems.

If you have a load in the trunk: Ensure that there is nothing inside the trunk of your car. This can be an issue if it has heavy items such as tools, boxes and other things that are not supposed to be placed in the trunk of your car.

This can cause vibrations and other problems that can cause your car to shake or vibrate while driving. If the trunk is empty, you should drive at a constant speed and avoid going fast and suddenly slowing down (such as when coming home after getting gas).

If there are no recalls: You should check if the make and model of your vehicle have any recalls for this issue.

Getting your car checked at least once every two years is highly recommended by mechanics. That way, they can check to see if there are any mechanical issues that need to be addressed.

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