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Guide to working from home

Telecommuting, also known as telecommuting, is a modality in which the employee works outside the office. A formula with which many companies have managed to achieve family and work reconciliation. We share a guide to working from home.

But how can I organize and adapt to this new way of working from home?

Teleworking is a form of work organization that offers you the possibility of doing work from home. To be productive and perform in the same way as if you were in the office, professionals recommend paying close attention to organization and planning.

Establish a routineworking from home

Using work clothes, marking blocks of time for each of the tasks and conditioning the space according to needs are some of the recommendations that experts repeat the most when they refer to this form of work. Some simple guidelines with which the adaptation to this new space will be easier.

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Mark a scheduleworking from home

Working from home does not mean there are no schedules. The ideal to achieve the goals is to create daily work and rest routines. It is a mistake to believe that you have all day to do tasks because, thinking like this, the only thing that will be achieved will be to dedicate more hours to work than you should. Therefore, it is essential to establish a schedule and abide by it strictly to create a habit and separate leisure from work obligations.

Take short breaksworking from home

Professionals point out that the best way to be productive when we telework is, on the one hand, to mark blocks of time for each of the tasks and take a short break between each of the blocks. In this way, what you get is to rest and get back in front of the computer screen with energy and a clear mind.

Adapt the workspaceworking from home

Before starting to work from home, it is important to choose the space where this task will be carried out. It is recommended to select a space as similar as possible to your office location. The space you select must fundamentally have a spacious and tidy desk, an ergonomic chair and a computer with the necessary functionalities to carry out the tasks.

Avoid distractions

It is essential that you assimilate and be aware that your home is your new workspace. It is therefore advisable to also adapt to the atmosphere and environment work, avoid any distractions. Try to leave out of your sight any element that you don’t need and, at a certain moment, it can get your attention.

Finally, we recommend that you take a few minutes to prepare your work area so that, once you start your workday at home, there is nothing that can delay your tasks.

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