red Honda

The 5 most iconic red Honda cars in history

The color of a car goes beyond a simple accent of color in the image. Color can strengthen the personality of the car or radically modify it. Colors, according to Honda, “communicate, provoke emotions, connect with our identity”, and that is why this company knows how to choose shades at all times. Here are the 5 most iconic red Honda in history, the warm and intense color that has marked the cars of the Japanese brand. Continue reading “The 5 most iconic red Honda cars in history”

ride needs fixing

My ride needs fixing

So you’ve pranged your beloved vehicle and it’s off to the body shop for some repairs. Ever wonder what an auto body repairer does? They turn our bumps into beauty again so that we can be on our way with a shiny, smooth car body. A technician will repair, restore, replace and refinish car bodies, windscreens, frames and glass. They will patch up your old faithful and get her motoring again. Continue reading “My ride needs fixing”

Be aware and drive with care

Rather disturbingly, a third of owners of brand new cars will have damaged it within the first 2 months. Whether through carelessness, being unfamiliar with controls or having a car much more powerful than their last one, the bill for repairs comes to £402 million nationally. Cars are packed with more technology than ever before, meaning more temptation to become distracted. This is another reason why you should visit a MOT Gloucester centre such as swift fit uk each year to ensure your car is road legal. Mobile phone use by drivers is still causing major problems despite being illegal and today’s cars seem to be getting bigger, while parking spaces are shrinking so bumps while manoeuvering are very commonplace. Continue reading “Be aware and drive with care”

Keep on Moving

The sight of a white Ford Transit van trundling or sometimes speeding along is a very common on UK roads. And no wonder well over eight million of them have been sold since they were first brought out in 1965. This versatile Van has been used by builders from Inverness to plumbers in Aberystwyth or that Man and Van Slough, for more details. The … Continue reading Keep on Moving