What is the DISC personality profile?

Personality profiles have been used to help teams gel together for many, many years. They can be incredibly useful to assess how a team may work together and can highlight the potential for any issues and conflicts to arise in the future. You can then use this information to help you work with your team to ensure they meet their goals and targets and you might even want to celebrate with some Team Gifts from places like Miller and Co.

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The DISC assessment is designed to be a self-assessment tool that is based on the works of a noted psychologist William Marston back in 1928. It is based on the emotional and behavioural theories of psychology. After Marston’s initial development the tool was developed further by Walter Clarke in 1956. Clarke also worked as a psychologist and he created the Activity Vector Analysis that used adjectives that people could select to describe themselves.

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DISC assessments can be used to help individuals understand more about their own traits as well as for line managers to see what profiles their teams have. This way they can then tailor their job descriptions and adverts to help them to select the best candidates to fit in with their existing teams and to perhaps bring in some skills and traits that are currently lacking.

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