Can concrete be used as Art?

Sculpture is recognised as a great artistic skill. Clay figurines are some of the first examples of humans creating art. Stone, and marble blocks, carefully chipped away by skilled artisans, have given us some of the most incredible pieces of work. Later, Bronze and even Gold pieces were created, producing some of the most impressive pieces of work ever envisioned. But, a new player has made its way onto the artistic stage. Known mainly as a tool of the construction industry, concrete has proven its worth as a new medium for the sculptor. Whilst not so inclined towards the artists themselves, Concrete Cheltenham based company can provide you with plenty of the stuff for your project.

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From the outset, Concrete seems like the perfect material for the sculpture artist to use. When faced with a block of stone, the artist needs to see in their mind’s eye what it is that they want it to become. This can change as the work progresses. One small mistake can ruin hours or even days of work. With concrete, the idea can be sketched out first. As concrete can be poured into moulds and reinforced with iron and steel rods, the artist can ensure that the piece will last for a lifetime.

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Errors can easily be removed until the piece is exactly how they want it to be. It means that installations can be up quickly and cheaply so that the artist can move on to the next piece without delay.

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