The best films for epic scenery

Some films can whisk us away to far-flung destinations, and we could visit places one day because of the stunning scenery. The following are a few of the top movies if you are seeking beautiful views and the ultimate escapism:

The Beach (2000)

The story of a young traveller, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, seeking a perfect beach and paradise location. The film features gorgeous scenes that were filmed in Thailand. The actual world location was forced to close after pollution damaged the coral reef because of an influx of visitors.

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Midnight in Paris (2011)

The romantic city of love is the backdrop to this tale which manages to take in the sights of modern-day Paris before travelling back in time. Owen Wilson’s character experiences the Belle Epoque and the glitz of the 1920s while enthralling us with the magic of Paris.

Into the Wild (2007)

Telling the true story of a young student who abandons his life to escape into the wilderness of Alaska. Although the film has a sad climax, the scenery along the journey is stunning. Have you ever wondered how programmes and movies get the best scenic shots? Find out more about Drone Filming by going to a site like

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Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

Brad Pitt plays a mountaineer who heads an expedition into the Himalayas. An Austrian, he is captured by Allied forces at the outbreak of World War II. The scenery is both epic and inspirational.

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