Appreciating Art, now that you’ve got the time.

Have you ever looked at a painting and sculpture and wondered just exactly what it means or what the artist was trying to convey when they made it. Perhaps you’ve heard art critics and historians like Sister Wendy, go on and on about the symbolism in the piece or whatever hidden meaning the artist had in mind. What might look like a crowd scene in … Continue reading Appreciating Art, now that you’ve got the time.

Pop Art

Photos to Pop Art – Have Your Own Style

Printing your photographs to pop craftsmanship has been created for numerous years. This craftsmanship is in manifestation of diverse styles and plans which accumulated a mess of thankfulness from the viewers. Two of the most well known of all workmanship plans is the work of Warhol and the revolutionary style of Che Guevara. Che’s styled shirts are worn for a reach of long years. One of the points of interest of printing your specialty is that you could ready to print them in an incredible looking customized things like shirts, measures and other particular things. Continue reading “Photos to Pop Art – Have Your Own Style”