Proud of your Irish heritage then express it in your choice of clothing

Many ordinary people all over the country are proud of their Irish heritage and want to express that pride in the way they dress. It’s probably the most personal and flexible way of expressing who your ancestors were. There are endless options of traditional Irish clothing, starting of course with the tartan which in early Ireland identified your rank in society and your family clan. Then there was the traditional leine, a Celtic longline tunic that had wide sleeves from the elbows and a loose hemline. The plain linen garment, worn by men and women would often be accessorised with decorative embroidery around the sleeves, neck and hem.

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Somewhat more up to date clothing to show your pride in your heritage would be an irish mens sweater.  You can easily form a mental picture of the thick, rich, natural wool, woven into intricate cabled patterns and designs, purchased from a company such as  These beautiful, normally cream-coloured jumpers were originally made by the women on the Aran Islands from undyed yarn called Bainin.  It is believed that the distinctive, different cabled patterns down the front of the sweaters represented your clan.

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Wearing anything made of Donegal tweed, whether it’s a jacket, pair of trousers or just a hat would immediately convey that you are proud to have Irish roots. This rugged, wind resistant fabric has excellent insulating properties so not only do you look the part you’re warm too.

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