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School websites can be complex and it is one of the many reasons that these are best created by professionals with experience in Websites for schools such as As well as needing to look aesthetically pleasing there are also often a lot of functionalities that need to be addressed. In many cases there are a number of key pages that need to be set up. These can include some of the following.

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Home page – the homepage of any website is there to advertise the business and a school website is no different in this respect. The home page will sell the school to potential students.

Policies page – schools have lots of different policies such as attendance, behaviour and safeguarding and it is important that the whole school community is aware of these. The best way to achieve this is by having them loaded onto a dedicated school policies page.

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School calendar – with lots of events going on at schools it is incredibly useful for a schools calendar to be available. In some cases this will contain school events and year related trips as well as the standard term dates.

Curriculum links – being able to support your child at home with their education can seem daunting and many schools help parents with this by adding the curriculum plans to their websites. This allows parents to look at what their child is going to be learning throughout the year and they can then find ways to support them.

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