Keeping out too much sunshine.

Offices are not the best places for the temperatures to rise too significantly. Workers will become irritable and less productive. For the most part, offices will spend a fortune on air conditioning and fans to try and keep the office temperature down. However, this uses an enormous amount of energy, and companies are always looking to reduce the amount of cost, and rising energy bills is one of them. What can organisations and architects do to reduce the effects of sunlight without compromising design and costing the earth?

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The answer is simple, use a Brise Soleil like that from These are systems that act as shades against the string sunlight. Given the fact we are going to be looking at longer, hotter summers, this seems like an absolute must for any office.

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Brise Solei owes its roots in France and the Mediterranean. The need for cooler rooms was greatly appreciated in these countries, and the shade could provide this. The system works by constructing slats across the front of the building. This allows the light to come into the building, to some degree, without creating a great shaft of sunlight.

Given that glass is a very popular frontage choice for offices, it’s not surprising that the heat in the place rises. With the knowledge that heatwaves and increased summer temperatures are going to continue, it might be time to start looking at every available system to slow heat increases and keep the office pleasantly cool.

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