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Cheap and tempting destinations to enjoy summer

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While we count the weeks for the arrival of summer – there are only five for enjoy summer! – and we look at the sky begging so that, once and for all, sweaters and boots give way to shirts and shorts, we feel that time is short. The holidays are just around the corner. And at this point, there are many who, assaulted by doubts, have not yet decided where to travel.

If you are one of these, we are sure that a little help will not hurt you. Taking advantage of Holidayguru.es, a travel blog with economic proposals, we recommend some cheap destinations for you to enjoy the summer without having to cross the planet or get out of the budget. In short, there are four European countries, all located in the Balkans, and another, the Mediterranean, located in the North of Africa of the most tempting; amazing paradises that maybe you did not have in mind. Prepared?

Montenegroenjoy summer

Much less popular than its neighbor Croatia, Montenegro is, without a doubt, one of the great destinations to consider this summer. Essentially beautiful, the country is becoming one of the fashionable places. And it is that from the Adriatic coast to the Durmitor national park, we discovered endless surprises in the form of nature. It is the best place to enjoy summer.

The Bay of Kotor, Risan, and Perast, the island of Sveti Stefan and the nearby town of Budva will fascinate you, no doubt. Bathe in its waters and relax, but be sure to visit the north of the country, a real unknown to the general public. The interior offers a thousand and one proposals: adventure activities, with rafting in the Tara river gorge -the deepest canyon in Europe-, its spectacular monasteries, or its surprising local gastronomy.

Croatiaenjoy summer

The last decade has been a real tourist awakening for Croatia, so there are multiple connections to travel to this country from Spanish airports. Cities such as Dubrovnik, Split or Pula are known for their cultural wealth and the coastline, of course, for its spectacular beaches. And the beauty of the Croatian coast and its beaches with crystal clear waters have become a place among the most coveted in Europe.

However, Croatia is much more. With an interior of small towns in which time seems to have stopped. And an overflowing nature, knowing it supposes a surprise. The national park of Plitvice, the patrimony of the humanity, confirms one of the most beautiful scenes of the continent. Surrounded by exuberant vegetation, we find 16 impressive lakes of emerald waters connected to each other by hundreds of waterfalls and thousands of streams. The visit to the cosmopolitan Zagreb completes a trip for the memory. Continue reading- The 10 best destinations for summer holidays 2018

Romaniaenjoy summer

If you’re looking for a beach, you’re in luck. As we have already echoed on other occasions, the Black Sea coast of Romania is attractive. And the cheap alternative to the traditional tourist destinations of the Mediterranean. Although it only has 225 kilometers of coastline, the offer is the most diverse and interesting: from quiet seaside resorts of the long tradition to others much more lively as Mamaia and Vama Veche, known for their nightlife, especially electronic music. It is the best place to enjoy summer.

The interior of the country has incredible corners in which to get lost, such as the region of Transylvania. With its medieval villages, authentic wonders cataloged as a world heritage site. Rimetea stands out among them, one of the most beautiful villages in the world. Although one can not miss the opportunity to visit the Bran fortress. Located in the town of Brasov, famous for being the residence of Vlad the Impaler. The beautiful Timisoara or the capital, Bucharest, also deserve a visit.

Albaniaenjoy summer

It is likely that it has not even crossed your mind to include Albania among your possible holiday destinations. The reason surely is none other than the ignorance about a country that has been locked up in itself for decades. However, if you do, you will make a serious mistake. Since it is shaping up as one of the regions with the most tourist future. If you like to discover authentic pearls, consider visiting it before it is filled with outsiders. It is one of the best places to enjoy summer.

As in the previous destinations, Albania has an incredible coastline, full of pristine beaches. Many of them deserted, bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. And also a past that can be seen in every corner of the country. The impressive ruins of Butrint, with its more than three thousand years of history; the center of the city of Gjirokastra, is one of the few examples of Ottoman city that is preserved in good condition, castles and bunkers are some of its wonders, without forgetting natural beauties such as Blue Eye, with its natural sources.

Moroccoenjoy summer

The last of our proposals is a destination surely better known by our readers. Although it could fall into the error of remaining the topics. The first thing one can think that Morocco is a destination too warm for summer. We will not deny that during these months, thermometers reach high temperatures. But we can not forget that it is a country of incredible diversity. It is the best place to enjoy summer.

If you still do not know Morocco or if you have already visited it. But you have been wanting to return, pack your bags and go for it. It is a cheap, friendly, welcoming, beautiful and very well connected to Spain. You will find flights at very attractive prices and different cities in the country. The offer is very varied: from the exciting Marrakech to the peaceful Essaouira bathed by Atlantic waters. And the incredible desert, with its kasbahs anchored in the past, to the monumental Atlas. Will you resist?

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