Condoms still the best weapon in the fight against STIs

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Durex have always prided themselves on being both durable and reliable. Durex is one of the best-known condom manufacturers in the world and have been producing condoms since 1915. Back then, the London Rubber Company began life as a company selling imported barber goods and condoms.

The company started making their own condoms in 1929 in the UK, creating the brand name Durex. Their ethos and selling point were durability, reliability and excellence. It wasn’t long before Durex adverts were seen on billboards and in shop windows around the country.

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As you can imagine, in 1929 there was still some opposition to the idea of birth control. However, the sales of Durex were greatly helped by the Church of England’s stance that birth control was acceptable for use by married couples in 1930.

Always keen to remain at the forefront of technological advances in condom manufacture, Durex would dip their condoms in water to test for weaknesses and breakage. By 1953, they introduced electronic testing of the condoms.

In 1969, Durex designed their first anatomically-shaped condom and five years later, the first lubricated in a spermicidal substance.

The brand name really came to the fore in the 1980s as public awareness of STIs increased. Many campaigns and adverts were shown during this decade to raise the awareness of the dangers of unprotected sex and supermarkets began stocking them for the first time. Vending machines were also installed in pub and club toilets the length and breadth of the land.

It is still vital for the company to continue its work highlighting the dangers and risks of unprotected sex. It isn’t just a question of protecting against unwanted pregnancy, but condoms and other equivalent female products are the only sure-fire way to prevent the spread of contagious and unpleasant sexually transmitted infections. For anyone who hasn’t used protection and feels they might be vulnerable to having contracted an infection, consider using Home STI kits London from

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The London Rubber Company’s sales were off the charts, so the company floated on the stock exchange in 1985 and rebranded as London International. Just before the new millennium, London International merged with Seton Scholl Healthcare to create SSL International. By now, Durex was the world’s best-selling brand of condom. It remains the best-selling with 30% of the market.

Production of the condoms no longer takes place in the UK. Factories are now located in China, Thailand and India. The last UK condom-producing factory closed in 2007.

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