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7 cooking tips for beginners you will love

If you are an unconditional fan of cooking and you are getting started in the subtle art of preparing rich recipes, there are some things you should keep in mind, because they will certainly make your life easier. So if you want to take ease in the kitchen, today we reveal some secrets to become authentic masters of this art. Keep reading and you will discover the best cooking tips for beginners should keep in mind, do not miss them!

The best cooking tips for beginners to be an expert in the kitchen

Almost everyone knows how to boil an egg, cook some pasta, or prepare a fresh summer salad. However, if you want to learn to really cook, you must know certain cooking tricks that help you avoid the typical beginner mistakes. If you are starting in the interesting world of cooking, do not miss these beginner cooking tricks that, surely, will be very useful:

1. You don’t need all the accessories you have in the kitchencooking tips for beginners

Although every time you go to a household store you can not resist buying a new accessory for your kitchen, you should know that you do not need each and every item you buy to cook a recipe in conditions. Among all the essential accessories that you will use in the kitchen, just a good set of knives, a cutting board, a mixer or beater arm, and a grater is enough.

2. Try everything you preparecooking tips for beginners

One of the most typical mistakes that every beginner makes in the kitchen is not to taste the food he is preparing. From now on, you know that you should try everything you cook. With the aim of achieving the best possible result.

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3. If you want to brown food, do not stir it constantlycooking tips for beginners

You will not be a better cook for throwing something in the pan and not stop stirring during the entire cooking process. In fact, when you want to brown meat, a fish or some vegetables, the idea is to throw them in the pan with a little oil and let them have direct contact with the pan, avoiding moving them frequently. So as an infallible trick to becoming a kitchen expert is to lower the heat to the maximum and let them gradually cook.

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4. Remove the puddle of frozen water

If you are going to use both vegetables, such as meat, fish fillets or any other food that is frozen. You must let it thaw with time (always inside the fridge) and remove the puddle of water that forms on the plate once the food has been thawed. In this way, you will prevent this water from coming out once you have the food inside the pan or the pot.

5. Let cool before cutting or unmoldingcooking tips for beginners

When you make baked food, especially pastries, you should let it cool completely before unmolding it. And, the internal structure of baked food is much more delicate when it still retains some of the heat.

6. Stews and soups, better with sofrito

Except if you are in a hurry a certain day because you have little time to cook, the idea is that you always try to make all your stews, soups and stews with a previous stir-fry, since this will give an unmistakable flavor to all your dishes. Try to make the sauce yourself and avoid the precooked stir-fry they sell in supermarkets since they carry large amounts of salt, preservatives and unhealthy dyes. A few onions or shallots, a carrot, peppers, salt, and olive oil, are more than enough ingredients to prepare a delicious stir-fry.

7. Practice the ‘mise en place’

Great chefs recommend that, before getting to work with any recipe. It is advisable to prepare all the ingredients on the countertop or kitchen table. As well as having all these ingredients properly prepared for each recipe: washed, peeled or cut, if necessary.

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