5 Facts about Magento Website Development

In the opinion of most respected and experienced web developers, there is no e-commerce platform that can surpass Magento in terms of function, creativity and overall quality of the end and on-going result. Anyone interested in using Magenta to create their own site or searching for professional Magento developers to do so on his or her behalf, should definitely research the topic and gain an understanding of just what the platform can offer. Here are five of the most crucial facts concerning Magenta, which should help to give you an overview of what it is and why is it one of the best choices out there.


1. There are two versions of Magento

The two versions of the software are known as Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. They each offer different functions, features and levels of flexibility and are therefore each more or less suited to the business of certain sizes and natures. Magento Developers tend to opt to work with Enterprise and it has the most to offer and can, therefore, be scaled and adapted to suit businesses of all types, sizes and models. Magento Community is a free platform, with a more limited number of features and still requires some knowledge of coding.

2. Features and functions are wide ranging and entail all aspects of business

This platform has managed to incorporate all of the processes involved in the marketing, sale and even distribution of the product so that all parts of the business can be integrated and more easily analysed and managed. It will allow you to turn browsers into buyers, up-sell, adapt content according to behaviour, easily manage your catalogue of products and allows integration with separate applications.

3. This software will maximise your profits

The most important goal of any company is to maximise profits and it takes a quality e-commerce platform and a website created by skilled Magento developers to make that happen. Think of your website as your most valuable took, which deserves your investment both in term of time and money.

4. Magento is the Developers e-commerce platform of choice

The fact that the majority of experienced developers opt to use Magento for most of their projects is a huge sign of its ability. A good reputation is hard to build but this particular platform has certainly been successful.

5. Knowledge and experience are essential to get the most from this solution

Despite being a flexible and user-friendly interface, in order to get the most from the software, a certain amount of skill and experience is necessary. Certainly in the case of the Enterprise Edition, the only way to get your money’s worth is to put it in the hands of professional Magento developers.

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