how to make posters in minecraft

How To Make A Poster In Minecraft

If you find yourself tired of getting lost or even not knowing exactly where your house is when you return from an exploration of the infinite world of Minecraft, so do you really need to create any signs that can guide your character? In this new post, we will show you how you can get one of them, we are talking about the Cartel. Well, we will tell you How to Make a Poster in Minecraft? just follow us! and you will forget all those bad moments in which you have totally lost yourself.

How to make posters in Minecraft?

how to make posters in minecraft

The Poster in Minecraft is an object that is used to indicate or point out things to the player, we can write on them, having space to place 15 characters so if we want to write something that occupies more than those characters we will only have to place as many posters as we want. Shortly we will give you the instructions to make your own posters.

Making a Poster in Minecraft

To make a poster in Minecraft, it is necessary that we have the main material for its creation, wood. If we do not have this element we can easily get it anywhere in the Minecraft territory, we can take the Wood from the 6 different types of trees.

Now, we will take an ax and cut down the trees, that is, we will hit them, once they are destroyed they will give us 3 to 4 units of tree trunks. These logs will then be placed on the work table and turned into wooden planks, later some planks will be used (on the work table) to create the wooden sticks.

Once we have obtained both materials, we will take them to the work table and create the poster, placing them in the slots. We have created the poster, now we can add the indications or the message that we want and place it in the places that seem best to us.

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