Thriller Movies on Netflix

The Top 5 Thriller Movies on Netflix

Do you like thrillers? These are the five best suspense and thriller films that you can find on Netflix in 2018. All of them will leave you in suspense. We have selected five suitable titles for thriller movies on Netflix.

We are sure that many of you are addicted to strong emotions. Sure you love thriller movies and the most infamous thrillers. If, in addition, you want to take more advantage of your Netflix subscription in this same section, then we are going to make it a bit easier for you.

In the following list, we have collected what we consider to be the top 5 thriller and thriller movies that you can watch on Netflix in 2018. Again, taking into account that each one will have your own tastes, we have selected a little of everything, in order to offer you more or less varied options.

In this way, and considering how much the thrillers and the suspense genre encompass, we propose different subgenres: suspense with serial killers, spy thrillers, gangster stories and even a Spanish film production about a criminal investigation.

The Top 5 Thriller Movies on Netflix

Copycat (1995)Thriller Movies on Netflix

Sigourney Weaver and Holly Hunter star in this thriller about a criminal investigation. In this story, a psychopath is dedicated to imitating a series of infamous serial killers. The main advantage of the police to arrest this delinquent is a specialist who lives in his house, due to strong attacks of agoraphobia due to a traumatic experience with one of his former subjects of study. It is one of the best thriller movies on Netflix.

Copycat is one of those films of the 90s of suspense that better liked us. We are not going to compare it with Seven, or other of the great ones of the moment. We will only say that it is a tape that has aged with enough dignity, being a good option to watch on Netflix.

The Departed (2006)Thriller Movies on Netflix

One of the best mafia movies we’ve had the luck to see and we have at our disposal on Netflix. The Departed is an adaptation/remake of the movie Infernal Affairs. In this story, the director Martin Scorsese tells a story about the Irish Mafia of Massachusetts. To do this, he approaches it from different fronts: that of the mafia leader, that of the corrupt policeman who works for him and, finally, from the point of view of the policeman who tries to destroy his organization

This film is also one of the best thrillers of the last 15 years. We recommend you take a look at the  Infiltrados Blu-Ray because if you do not have Netflix, it’s a good way to get one of the great stories of criminal suspense.

ArgoThriller Movies on Netflix

Argo is one of the best scar-winning films you can see on Netflix. With her, Ben Affleck proved to be a very solvent director, as well as a product at the height of serious productions. In addition to the three Oscars that took, this film was established as one of the best films based on real events of recent years. It is one of the best thriller movies on Netflix.

Argo’s film tells the development of the Canadian Caper operation in 1979 quite freely. During the Iranian revolution, CIA agent Tony Mendez was in charge of rescuing several American diplomats, who had taken refuge in the Canadian embassy. For this, he pretended to be a filmmaker, who traveled to the country to look for locations for a “new Star Wars”, entitled Argo.

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Message from the King (2017)Thriller Movies on Netflix

For some time, we have known Chadwick Boseman for being the Black Panther of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, thanks to his participation in Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther. Message from the King is an original Netflix production. In it, we are told, as a story of revenge, a thriller of the underworld, in which a man looking for the murderer of his sister.

From South Africa to Los Angeles, Jacob King (Boseman) will travel to the New World to do justice and unmask a complex web of corruption. This premise, rather hackneyed, has not burdened a production that, having lost only 10 million dollars, has managed to raise twenty times more. With those numbers, it seems clear that it is one of the best suspense films you can see.

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The Invisible GuardianThriller Movies on Netflix

Some say that this is one of the best films of Spanish cinema in recent times. Certainly, at least we can say that it is one of the best Spanish films on Netflix. The Invisible Guardian is a thriller that adapts the novel of the same name by Dolores Redondo, proposing a rather solvent police account. It is one of the best thriller movies on Netflix.

This story of suspense starts on the banks of the Baztán River, in Navarra. There they discover the body of a teenager, murdered and whose death is related to a recent case. The person in charge of the investigation, Inspector Amaia Salazar. Must follow the trail to her hometown while overcoming some traumas of her youth, related to the town.

And here we come. However, we say goodbye with a recommendation. Do not forget to browse the Netflix catalog. We propose here what we consider to be the best suspense and mystery films, already available on the platform. Even so, there are still many titles that we have not named you. Perhaps a detailed exploration will reveal movies that also get your attention: The Outsider, The  Number 23, The Negotiator or Bullet Head, among others.

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