Appreciating Art, now that you’ve got the time.

Have you ever looked at a painting and sculpture and wondered just exactly what it means or what the artist was trying to convey when they made it. Perhaps you’ve heard art critics and historians like Sister Wendy, go on and on about the symbolism in the piece or whatever hidden meaning the artist had in mind. What might look like a crowd scene in Paris to you might actually be some savage social commentary at the time. In retirement there is now a lot of time for you to indulge yourself in something that you’ve always fancied doing, why not undertake a course in Art History and Appreciation.

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Art history and appreciation teaches you who to interpret a picture for all human experiences of Art. For example, did you know that ancient Cave art is not only a record of how they lived it also illustrates Paleolithic peoples attempts to demonstrate the power they wanted to hold over nature. There is also a focus on what you think is nice rather than what is the accepted consensus on something. The artist Monet said that through observation and reflection one “finds a way” and that we should never stop looking and questioning art works deeper.

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