Between coat and T-shirt: what jackets to wear this spring

With the temperatures rising and summer being just around the corner, we have to switch up our winter wardrobe. But when it comes to the spring season, the weather gets tricky and sometimes it’s hard to know what to wear over your clothes to keep you warm but not sweaty. In this article we are going to explore some options that work well for the weather that doesn’t require a coat, but is too cold for just a T-shirt. And don’t worry, there’s something for everyone in this article, as we are exploring elegant and sporty options. Get reading and get ready to upgrade your wardrobe.


The first option we’re suggesting is for those of you who like the elegant and mysterious look of a winter coat and want a spring option for it. Using a blazer over your spring outfits will keep you warm enough for the windy weather, but will ensure you’re not too hot. You can style it in many outfits, from something more professional with some trousers and heels, to a casual sneaker outfit and even on top of a flowy dress, for a mismatched look.


The next suggestion is for everyone who wants to achieve more of a vintage, fairytale look this spring. Shawls are a great piece for the spring season. Inspired by the capes that were worn with elegant dresses, shawls are an elegant and timeless way to elevate your outfits. We suggest you choose a wool shawl as the ones we found online here, as they will provide warmth while also being breathable and moisture wicking. You can style them with dresses, just like in the old times, or just with a pair of jeans, for a modern-vintage look. This piece will allow you to have fun with your outfits this season.

Wind jackets

If you’ve been around in the past years, the internet has been full of retro wind jackets. In the streetwear style, these jackets have become highly popular, as they match the colorful and baggy vibe. This piece is perfect for anyone who likes being sporty or wearing more casual outfits. It’s wind resistant, waterproof and provides enough warmth for the spring season. You can find them in thrift shops or shop online for them, but the best ones are the retro ones. So keep an eye out for retro Nike and Adidas jackets this season.

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