Microblading: What It Is and Why You Need It

Eyebrows frame your eyes and enhance your whole face. But what if yours are not living up to their full framing potential or, even worse, missing? Read on to learn about a new and trending cosmetic procedure that can help.

What Is It?

You know what microwaves and roller blades are, but you may be a little confused about just what microblading Long Island NY is and what it can do for you. Simply put, it is a semi-permanent procedure done in a salon by a trained esthetician to enhance eyebrows by filling them in with ink.

Since this procedure is semi-permanent, you will want to choose a salon that has received positive reviews in the specific service you will be receiving. Remember, semi-permanent means you will be looking at the results for a long time.

What Happens at the Session?

The first thing the technician will do is look at your face and decide what color and shape eyebrows will be the most flattering. Then he or she will use a small, handheld instrument to make tiny lines that look like hairs and fill in the entire brow shape you’ve decided on. Keep reading sites like omegle.

Now you know that the “micro” part of the word stands for — the tiny lines that will be drawn — but what about the “blade” part? The handheld device has a small blade that makes tiny cuts in the skin of your eyebrow area to deposit the color. However, unlike permanent tattoos, where the ink is deposited deep into the skin, this procedure goes just under the surface. It won’t hurt because you will have a numbing agent applied before the treatment starts.

What Happens Afterward?

After your session, you’ll need to keep the area dry for at least 10 days and can’t wear any makeup where the ink was deposited; it might interfere with the pigment settling in properly. Avoid the sun and tanning beds for those first 10 days, but after that, always wear sunscreen with zinc oxide on your eyebrows.

Enjoy your new look and don’t hesitate to go back for a follow-up visit if any areas need tweaking.

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