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The 7 golden rules for healthy eating in 2018

Food is your ally to combat fatigue and recover energy, essential when the routine is a bit uphill. Cristina Bouza, a specialist nutritionist at the Instimed clinic in Madrid, reminds us of the importance of not skipping any of these rules in order to have a healthy diet that guarantees a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals.

The 7 golden rules for healthy eating

1.Eat 5 times a dayhealthy eating

In this way we activate the metabolism, reaching the main meals with less hunger and avoiding snacking between meals. Also, avoid copious meals as they trigger glucose levels and cause a state of drowsiness that makes you feel tired. Learn to plan your weekly menus with these tips. It is one of the healthy eating.

2.Minimum 1 serving of vegetables per day and 3 of fruithealthy eating

Vegetables and fruits are a source of health. Vegetables contain proteins and have the advantage that they do not give us saturated fats or cholesterol. In addition, the green leaf (such as Swiss chard, spinach, watercress …) are foods that also contain enough calcium. Include them in your daily menu as an accompaniment, sauteed or in broths. As for fruits, in general, they are perfect for a hypocaloric diet due to their low energy value; although there are some that contribute more calories (bananas, grapes, figs, chirimoyas and tropical fruits). The idea is not to always eat the same fruit and combine the caloric with the lightest.

3.Limit the consumption

Limit the consumption of carbohydrates. Rice, pasta, pulses, potatoes 3-4 times a week. Continue Reading- 5 foods that you should never eat after exercising and 3 that you should

4.Respect breakfasthealthy eating

Important to respect breakfast every day. A dairy, cereals, and fruit. It is one of the main meals that you should always respect. If you do not, the appetite increases throughout the day and you run the risk of eating more caloric foods. The bad habit of not having breakfast may predispose you to suffer some type of diabetes. And if you train daily, with much more reason to make a full breakfast. In this article, ‘ The perfect breakfast for before training ‘, we give you the keys. It is one of the healthy eating.

5. Not to take the weight

To keep us and help us not to take the weight, it is advisable to avoid desserts rich in caloric content (sweets), trying to take fruit or yogurt at mid-morning and at snack time.

6.Respect 3-4 servings of fish per week

Rich in Omega 3 and with a low caloric intake. Bluefish (salmon, mackerel, sardine or anchovy), specifically, contains a large amount of omega 3 polyunsaturated fats, which help us improve cholesterol levels.

7. Hydration For a healthy diethealthy eating

Good hydration For a healthy diet we should drink at least a liter and a half or two of water daily. Keeping the body well hydrated is essential for your health and also helps you keep the line. It is also basic for your body to function perfectly. The lack of water, on the other hand, can lead to headaches, apathy, decreased memory, fatigue … See our article ‘ The importance of good hydration in exercise.

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