Fat liver? Here is the diet to start again

Fat liver? Here is the diet to start again

Fat liver? Here is the diet to start again. It is sometimes associated with obesity, other times with medication. In any case, the fatty liver is defeated at the table. Discover the principles of the most suitable depurative diet to combat it. When fat accumulates in the liver, among the visible symptoms we find an increase in tiredness and discomfort at the upper right side of the abdomen. These manifestations could degenerate into an inflammation, which in turn can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

This is what happens when it comes to fatty liver. Sometimes it is a problem associated with excessive consumption of alcohol; in these cases, it is called alcoholic steatohepatitis. Other times, however, alcohol has nothing to do with it: the fat is deposited in the liver causing the so-called non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. It is one of the best tips for diet for a fat liver.Fat liver? Here is the diet to start again

A quarter of the world’s population suffers from this second form of fatty liver. The problem appears from middle age and is more frequent among those living with type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome (or other metabolic disorders) or some infections, such as the hepatitis C virus.

Even rapid weight loss, the intake of drugs such as corticosteroids and exposure to toxins may be associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver. It is not, however, said that the situation should always degenerate into cirrhosis: in the forms of “simple” fatty liver, there could also be no inflammation. But it is always good to run for cover by acting, first of all, on the diet.

The purifying diet against fatty liverFat liver? Here is the diet to start again

Acting on the diet to fight fatty liver is so important that there are real guidelines. In case of excess weight, it must be a weight loss diet; the fatty liver non-alcoholic, in fact, is strongly associated with obesity. The excess fat contributes to inflammation and to insulin resistance, in turn, associated with diabetes. Lose weight leads to the normalization of the levels of liver enzymes altered in the case of fatty liver and the improvement of inflammation.

The diet against fatty liver must also aim at the intake of the right nutrients in the right proportions. As imaginable, fat consumption should be kept below 30% of the energy consumed daily. However, the quality is also counted: better to prefer unsaturated fats than saturated and trans fats. It is one of the best tips for diet for a fat liver.

Finally, it is advisable to limit carbohydrate intake to 40-50% of daily energies, paying particular attention not to exceed 10% in the form of simple sugars. Among these, it is particularly important to limit fructose, which stimulates the production of lipids.

Fatty liver and diet: what to eatFat liver? Here is the diet to start again

From a practical point of view, the principles of the purification diet against fatty liver are embodied in a diet rich in fruits and vegetables in which you prefer sources of carbohydrates rich in fiber (whole grains and legumes) and in which the preferred seasoning fat it is extra virgin olive oil. Eating fish and nuts helps to take omega 3 unsaturated fats; it is better to avoid fructose-rich non-alcoholic beverages. It is one of the best tips for diet for a fat liver.

Here are other useful indications for a purifying diet :Fat liver? Here is the diet to start again

– Prefer meats that are low in fat, especially white meat.

– Avoid frying. It is better to prefer lighter cooking methods (boiling, steamed or baked) without adding fat.

– Eliminate fast food.

– Eat fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidant vitamins, such as red peppers, carrots, and black currants.

One last tip: try the benefits of Aronia berries, which help to inhibit the oxidation of “bad” cholesterol and reduce the negative effects of fructose.