5 foods that you should never eat after exercising and 3 that you should

If you do not want to spoil the results of your exercise routine it is important that you take special care when choosing the foods you consume when you finish

Many times we end up feeding ourselves badly due to a lack of knowledge.

If you are going to exercise and pretend to take care of yourself, pay attention.

You should know that there are a number of foods that are not recommended to take after exercising. However, there are some others that are.

Next, we talk about which ones you should avoid and which ones to include in your routine.

What foods should you avoid after exercising?

1.Red meatexercising

Exercise improves intellectual performance but it is not like that if we immediately take red meat.

According to a study carried out by the University of Georgia, it is enough to do about 20 minutes of exercise to be able to incorporate and retain information.

However, this will not be possible if we immediately take red meat. Its consumption would have effects not so beneficial for the brain since after ingesting them, they limit learning and memory.

It is also related to the number of saturated fats that are present in red meat and that tend to slow down the metabolism. Something undesirable if what is sought is to preserve the health of the digestive system. Continue reading- The 5 best diets you should follow in 2018

2.The smoothiesexercising

Smoothies have been sold under an apparent healthiness that is not such. And you must bear in mind that, in the end, they are shakes full of sugar, at least those that are already prepared.

So, although smoothies seem to be the perfect drink to accompany an afternoon after hard exercise, consider that not all are advisable.

Without going any further, those with a high amount of sugar will double the number of calories you have burned during your exercise routine. So be very careful with them!

And, if you want to take them, opt for natural alternatives made by you. The best are the preparations based on vegetables and fiber and that do not have added sugars.

3.The fried foodsexercising

Fried foods and fast food have numerous saturated fats. This type of food is not recommended at any time and neither is it when you finish exercising.

Think that your reward for the effort should not be to end up ingesting more calories than you spent.

Keep in mind that the body needs 9 grams of energy to digest a gram of fat.

In addition, this type of food is responsible for slowing down the metabolism that was already accelerated thanks to physical activity.


Although nuts are healthy if taken in small amounts, it is best not to do so after an exercise routine.

While you have to consume foods rich in protein, and nuts are, you have to see that they do not also have a lot of fat.

In addition, nuts slow down the metabolism and therefore it is not recommended to ingest them at this precise moment.


Coffee is a dehydrating drink, so it is not recommended after undergoing an exercise routine.

Instead, simply choose to always have a bottle of water. This way you will be able to quench your thirst while hydrating yourself.

Foods that should be taken


As noted above, after a routine exercise is convenient to eat protein.

The most suitable proteins for this time of day are those that come from white meat, such as chicken and turkey, and also fish.

Green vegetables are also recommended because they are an excellent source of protein.

Another option would be to opt for legumes, soybeans, and seeds.


Although it is not recommended to eat foods with a high sugar content, such as bananas and bananas, after exercising, if you want to eat something sweet, opt for a banana.

At least, thanks to the potassium and carbohydrates present in this fruit you will have a good ally to give you a little whim without this being counterproductive.

Potatoes and foods rich in starchexercising

The best garnish for your meal after a sports session will be based on foods rich in starch. Try, for example, to take boiled or baked potatoes with a little rice.

In this way, you will achieve that your digestive system easily absorbs this type of carbohydrates, which contributes to a better digestion of proteins.

Now that you know it, keep it in mind after your exercise routine.

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