Anxiety: Repressing anger is dangerous

Repression of anger can become very counterproductive, because if we do not let it flow, it turns against us, causing anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms.

Anger is an emotion that eats us inside … Sometimes it overwhelms us, it almost imprisons us and then we feel guilty when we are angry.

True? … There are times when the anger and the grudge we hear right now can really ruin our life …

However, we can recognize it and learn to free it to live better.

Sometimes, we all repress anger and pretend that nothing has happened, because in this way we seem to save the appearances. In fact, besides damaging us, it gives others the chance to understand how to dominate and to have the best of us.

The point is that anger we must learn to channel it, because if it is true that we can repress it, sooner or later it will explode!

Repressed rage causes anxiety problems

In the long run, those who repress anger get sick of anxiety.

That is because we tend to believe that our emotions do not belong to us and we think something unrelated to our psychological well-being.

But is not so! Emotions always occur in both body and mind.

When anger that is not adequately controlled causes an alteration of our psyche.

Implosion to anger not to hurt or to keep quiet living leads us to heighten our malaise and makes us accumulate tension that will sooner or later infiltrate panic attacks, anxiety disorders or social anxiety.

The emotion must flow … Set limits

When anger penetrates you and you do not know how to control it, thoughts are taking place in your head that are letting you lose control of yourself.

Then … Set limits!

Anger is part of us, as human beings, and this is a certain fact.

The point is that you have to establish sound limits and be aware that you can not control this emotion. Often you say, I could not help but it’s natural that it is so … But sometimes it may happen that after a great anger, you think you want to free it, because you really do not like it and you are aware that in this way others too fully appreciate the value of you.

Ask some questions … This is an important step.

  • Are you angry because someone is doing something to you?
  • Are you angry because your wound has been reopened in the past?
  • Are you angry because you feel badly treated?

Face your anger, starting to answer these questions. You can then begin to make it clear inside you. And then, in fact, it is not true that you cannot handle anger and everything else, whether it is implosive or explosive, it is really useless. It exacerbates your self-esteem and makes you feel guilty.

Communicate your mood

True, there are situations where others really want to hurt us. But sometimes it is not so …

So decide to deal with the real problem. Analyze your mood and then use the tools you need to communicate your anger, without making too much damage.

In the end, getting angry is a habit that you have deliberately chosen to continue to use. You learned it as a way to react to frustrations and you’ve done a style of behavior. Uncontrolled anger, implosive or explosive that is, does not make you anything, you debilitate and depicts you.

Tell the anger in the right way … Do not pretend it does not exist. Recognize that it is a natural emotion we all feel and let you experience it. Learn how to communicate it in a healthy way, avoiding taking power over you.

Repression of anger leads you to disabling anxiety states. Free and you will feel relieved. Take this great weight that brings you in and live it in a conscious and healthy way…

Do not deny it! “We are never so helpless toward suffering, as when we deny it.”

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