benefits of yoga

10 benefits of yoga to improve our health

The Yoga has become one of the sports fashion in recent years. At present, millions of people practice this discipline practically every day. And is that experts say that performing exercises of this type reports numerous benefits to our health. Both physically and mentally.

We often plan to start living a healthier life and set ourselves goals such as losing weight. Strengthening our body or simply taking things in a more relaxed and calm way. In this sense, beginning to practice yoga on a regular basis can help us achieve these goals since this practice is more than a sport, it is a philosophy of life.

What is yoga?benefits of yoga

Yoga is a traditional discipline that connects our physical, mental and spiritual part. According to its practitioners, yoga is much more than performing postural exercises. It is a set of concentration techniques derived from this philosophical doctrine that are made to achieve greater control of our body and mind. Continue reading- The 5 best exercises according to Harvard (and no, none is running)

Benefits of yoga for our healthbenefits of yoga

1.Strengthens our bones and helps us improve our flexibility and postural hygiene: The different positions and movements that involve yoga exercises strengthen the bones since they increase bone density. In addition, by practicing this sport, we also increase our flexibility and correct bad postural habits.

2.It helps us to sleep better: The relaxation techniques we use when practicing this sport help us to sleep better if we usually perform these exercises at night. It is of the benefits of yoga.

3.It speeds our mind: yoga provides excellent benefits for the brain and central nervous system. As it thickens the layers of the cerebral cortex and increases neuroplasticity. That is, when we practice yoga, we also develop our ability to learn new things.

4.It helps to combat stress:benefits of yoga also thanks to breathing and relaxation techniques, we have more knowledge when it comes to combating stress situations.

5.It helps us lose weight: practicing different yoga exercises, such as Surya Namaskar (“Greetings to the sun”) or Kapalbhati pranayama helps us lose weight. In addition, people who practice it on a regular basis tend to be more sensitive about the kind of food they should take and what is the right time to do it.

6.It protects the heart: it helps us reduce blood pressure and slows down the heart rate. On the other hand, it also lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

7.Improves our immune system:benefits of yoga breathing techniques, pranayamas, and meditation help us improve our immune system.

8.It helps fight some diseases such as arthritis or asthma: Through postural exercises or breathing and relaxation techniques. Some patients suffering from respiratory or bone diseases, see that the symptoms of their condition are reduced. It is of the benefits of yoga.

9.It helps us to improve our relationships: by learning to relax and release tension more quickly, we connect with our body more easily, we perceive sensations better and increase the blood flow of our body (including the pelvic area). This causes an increase in our sexual desire and response to stimuli during a relationship. As a result, in women, it helps to reach orgasm more easily and in men, it helps fight premature ejaculation.

10.It contributes to improving our state of happiness: Like all exercise, yoga stimulates the release of endorphins.

It should also be noted that yoga should be practiced under a series of knowledge because otherwise. It can produce a series of problems in our body. In this sense, we refer to problems in our muscles or bones. When we practice this discipline let’s make the postures in the correct way.

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