Foot Care Tips For Summer

Summer means sun, sand and the great outdoors—but that fun can take its toll on our feet. The season exposes them to heat, humidity and unsupportive shoes resulting in dry skin, cracking and chaffing. A few easy steps can help protect your feet all year round.

  1. Start with a foot scrub

Dry feet can lead to cracked heels and fissures, and can also be breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Keep your feet in good shape by exfoliating them regularly using a pumice stone or foot file before applying a moisturiser. To let your skin breathe, consider wearing open-toed shoes during the summer. This will also reduce moisture accumulation.

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  1. Purchase well-fitted shoes

A bad shoe fit can cause all kinds of problems for your feet, from pain to hammertoe. Try new shoes on at the end of the day when your feet will be at their largest. Instead, go for a bigger size and break them in slowly by wearing them around the house a few hours a day. If you need help from a Podiatrist Cheltenham, try visiting

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  1. Moisturise

Applying a moisturising cream or ointment to your feet daily can prevent dryness and chaffing. After taking a shower is the perfect time to apply cream, when your pores are wide open. A richer cream like a foot balm will penetrate deeper into your soles than body lotion, and can be particularly effective on the heels and between your toes, where many people get dry, itchy skin.

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