How to handle the causes of stress

Stress how to handle it, why do we try it?

In the present life system, there are many causes of stress: overwork, school commitments, social relationships that keep us more and more alert, money.

All of these commitments become asphyxiating to the point that we can feel overwhelmed by a multitude of emotional or social issues that appear to be enormous to support.

What is Stress?

Today, I want to talk about Stress, which is the main disadvantage of today’s society and we have used to consider it a thing of the past.

When you live in a constant stress state, we become more predisposed to the disease and the state of health is compromised with sometimes very serious and serious consequences.

How to Recognize Stress?

It is of crucial importance to know how Stress manifests and what are the most important signals the body sends to communicate that something is not going as it should be.

The Phases of Stress

Continuous Alarm Phase: We can feel trapped in a network of overwhelming commitments and the resources available are not enough anymore.

Resistance Phase: At this stage, you try to resist, adapting to the ever-increasing pace, wasting so much energy.

Exhaustion phase: The energy resources are not enough anymore, the defenses put in place and the physiological symptoms start from then on.

What Is Stress Caused?

Stress can be acute or chronic, that is, it extends over time.

It can be caused by …

  • Negative external situations or they may also be, paradoxically, positive.
  • This may be the birth of a child, marriage, separation, mourning or labor change.
  • Physical causes, e.g. alcohol or drug intake, physical disabilities or illness.

What are the main symptoms of Stress?

Physical symptoms: Muscle pain, headache, stomach ache, tachycardia, sweating, insomnia, dizziness or loss of appetite.

Symptoms and motion: Crying, nervousness, anger, tension, lowering of self- esteem, agitation.

Symptoms cognitive: Poor concentration, memory loss, indecision.

How to Manage Stress?

Certainly the first step is to use a good relaxation technique to recognize and manage body responses to stress.

The biofeedback is the technique of choice therapeutics to manage stress and change the physiological mechanisms that underlie it.

By learning the use of autogenic training, strengths can be developed and compensate for daily deficiencies, habits and rhythms.

Autogenic training also helps to better manage emotions and correct dysfunctional behaviors.

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