How to improve the quality of sperm?

Food can influence the composition and quality of sperm, moreover, they have no side effect, like medicines. What do you need to eat to improve the quality of sperm, especially if it comes to problems with conception?

First, immediately and forever you need to say goodbye to fatty and heavy food. It is known that men suffering from obesity are much more likely to have a decrease in potency and spermogram indexes than those who have a weight in the norm or even somewhat do not reach it. But it turned out that in fat men, the consumption of fatty protein foods worsens the spermogram indexes, even though their weight remains within normal limits.

In addition, excess fat in the body increases the level of the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, fat people often have effeminate features and a delicate voice.

So exclude from the supply of chicken tobacco, cheese, ice cream, cheeseburgers – they bind testosterone and also lead to weight gain. Both these factors worsen both the potency and fertility of men.

By the way, scientists believe that the fertility of men is steadily decreasing from generation to generation due to the deterioration of the environment, the acceleration of the rhythm of life, the accumulation of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

If the sperm of a 20-year-old healthy man is taken as 100%, then in 40 years, his indices will be only 70% for mobility, 50% for normal sperm content, 50% for viability. Only these reasons account for three-quarters of infertility cases of men over 50 years of age. In fact, the fertility could stay at a constant level of years to 55-60, that is, before the onset of menopause. But, alas, we live just the way we live, and nature does not make concessions: shortcomings in taking care of health sooner or later lead to sad consequences.

Meanwhile, doctors have long known that the fertility of a man is positively influenced by the constantly high intake of fruits and vegetables with a high content of ascorbic and folic acid.

Vitamin C directly affects the production of sperm. Its lack in experimental animals leads to a sharp depletion of sperm, as well as partial atrophy of the testicles. But the regular intake of sufficient quantities of vitamin C makes sperm active and viable. You can also take the supplement like Tongkat Ali 100:1; it is natural and improves the sperm quality.

Moreover, Professor Harris from the United States conducted a study on a large group of men whose spermogram indices did not give any hope of natural fertilization. Within 2 months, volunteers received 1000 mg of vitamin C per day. On a repeated spermogram, the number of spermatozoa increased by almost 60%; activity increased by 30%, the percentage of abnormal spermatozoa decreased, the percentage of spontaneous pregnancies in the wives of patients increased sharply.

True, 1000 mg is a large dose, especially for those who have a risk of gastritis or stomach ulcers. But it turned out that a dose of 200 mg is also effective, although it takes almost half the time to take the drug.

The exact dose for each individual man cannot be counted, but it is assumed that 3-4 months of continuous intake of 200 mg or 2 months of 1000 mg of vitamin C is enough for those men whose shifts are generally possible. And, to fill the required amount, a man enough to eat 3 oranges of medium size a day, each containing about 70 mg of ascorbic acid. It should be remembered that the dose of smokers almost doubles due to the fact that tobacco smoke takes with it almost a third of vitamin C. In addition, if a man has other problems that reduce his fertility (prostatitis, etc.), then these problems should be addressed in parallel with the intake of vitamins.

But beer, wine, strong alcoholic drinks increase the level of estrogens and therefore are not shown at all to a man for whom sperm counts are important. In addition, wheat bran, cruciferous (cabbage, Brussels, color, broccoli) and legumes have estrogenic activity.

Balance your menu and, perhaps, you do not have to resort to the help of doctors.

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