Who Was Louis Pasteur?

One of the greatest medical breakthroughs in history was the development of penicillin. It not only made the diagnosis of many disease symptoms simple, but it also created the possibility of treating these symptoms with an effective treatment. Unfortunately, because Pasteur’s discovery was so profound, the world was not able to make as much use of this amazing medicine for the next hundred years, and most medical students were either unable or unwilling to learn from him. However, his work did form the basis for the modern face of antibiotic medicine today. It is these antibiotics that help to treat those people who have used Home StI Kits London way and have been identified as having an infection. If you are worried you may have contracted an STI you can order a sti test in London or one local to your area.

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Louis Pasteur was a French physician who specialised in bacteriology and microbiology. However, his contributions to the world as a whole are far greater than those of just this one area. For example, his work on the concept of spontaneous generation has vastly affected the field of genetics and the practice of medical research in general. Without Pasteur’s work there would have been very different ideas regarding how we get sick and what can be done to stop it, and his demonstration of the germ theory has almost certainly changed the way doctors think about the causes of disease.

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One of Pasteur’s lesser-known achievements is the fact that he was the first to develop antiseptic remedies, something which has had great impact on the medical practice of today. Without his work on fermentation, it would have been impossible to create the anti-fungal vaccines that are so common today. Pasteur’s experiments with food additives also formed the basis for the anti-malarials used today, such as SARS and anthrax. All in all, Pasteur’s theories and experiments have had an enormous effect on the way we fight disease today, and his reputation as the father of modern medicine remains very strong.


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