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How to win the stress – Mental Map

Stress, what it is, how it manifests and how it is won. Find out how to bring serenity to your life with a dedicated Mental Map.

Today’s society makes life difficult and makes us go too far to ride. By comparing us to others, from the TV and everything around us, we make the mistake of wanting too, with the consequence of always trying to look for what we do not need.

Our nature is not suitable for this lifestyle, as you can see that children stop playing games when they eat, but we do not. They listen to you and believe you when they talk to us, no or almost never … taken from our thoughts (about 70,000 a day) we add something to do until it becomes stressful.

In society, you see too many “Yes” that we say to duty and the few “No” we refer to for pleasure to others; we are embittered in too many commitments and the anxiety of not being stressed in everyone.

Since we are “accustomed” to these rhythms, we have moments and situations that we see and feel out of control and that is why stress is felt but it is precisely this time to understand that it is time to stop for a moment.

But I cannot now … I have to go to take, I have commitments … they are waiting for me … I do not take time to … what will they think if … I never have time for me …

Do you often understand these phrases?

You understand … That’s the right time to slow down and stop for a moment.

There are two types of stress …

  • Good: Eustress, who motivates us to do things with impetus and is beneficent.
  • Bad: Distressing it’s dangerous in all senses

With mental map, I will not give you stretching exercises hidden behind your desk or car, the internet is full of examples, nor will I give you scientific evidence of symptoms or stress disorder (already done) but I want to give you clues to recognize it in time before it rises and to win it with the right strategies.

Stress is a mental state, part of us, but it is always stimulated by external sources, if we lived alone, from hermits we would not be stressed just because we felt that we had direct control over everything.

So stress = Fear not to control everything.

Especially fearful of what will happen in the future:

“Stress is an accumulation of exaggerated perceptions and expectations about our inability to face the next”

This undermines our self-esteem that feeling deprived most influences the state of mind, the mind releases substances of danger to the body for which sooner or later we are also physically ill.

But if the perception of stress is right now, we can turn our minds to the right thoughts at this moment and decide now how it might go in the future to take control and act now preparing for us, training us before the game starts.

I repeat this sentence because it is useful to impress it at its best …

It’s with training that wins the game!

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